Do Smart Work, Not Just Quality Work

In our busy schedules, the work we do in order to make more and more money, is it really a lot to ask for?

Hey there, I’m Dixita, and I doubt that!



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2 years ago, I started my first company and I’ve never looked back since then. I like being the boss of my life and and showing others how they too can build their online businesses and have a life that they’ve always wanted.

To be honest, I’ve learnt a lot in the process all these years and I still do. And there’s one lesson that I teach others too and that is –

Do Smart Work and Not Just Quality Work!

This just means that doing smart work effectively you can reach your targets more faster than doing just the quality work, since you take smart actions in smart work that take you in the right direction.

Our Mission


Is to show and teach regular people with traditional 9-5 jobs, how to build and launch online businesses successfully that can generate passive income for life.


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My Story (in brief)

My name is Dixita Galiyal and I’m pretty much an ordinary Entrepreneur. Two things I like the most are books and food! I support my family with my online business. And I believe, if I can do it, you can too. Just to give you a little context, I don’t have a degree in MBA or any business discipline. But, after a couple of years of learning and practice, and numerous attempts at trial and error, and a few failures, I’ve built a successful online business.

In 2014, I came across a term called ‘SAP Screen Personas’ and when I asked my seniors about it, they mentioned it had something to do with SAP Screens. That thought turned into curiosity and then I went ahead and learnt all about SAP Screen Personas. Not just got certified but also mastered SAP Screen Personas!

Cut to today, just 2 months back, some girl asked me about SAP Screen Personas. I didn’t just brush it away, instead showed her how exactly SAP Screens look (on my computer) and how one can modify them. 3 days later, she came to meet me with a bunch of her friends over lunch and said, “They’re interested in learning too!”. That moment I realized helping someone selflessly feels so light and good!

So, I’ve put up a Course, a Test Series actually, partnered with Udemy, on SAP Screen Personas. Test series cover rare topics like Flavor, Web DynPro Screens, Adaptive Designs and Responsive Designs and much more! Go check out. The series is not just for beginner’s but also for SAP S/4HANA Users and Line-of-Business Managers too! Make sure to take the test and give feedback. It won’t take more than 30-40 minutes.

Fun Fact, there are not many Guides or Books available online specially on SAP Screen Personas. That’s why I created the course in the first place.

By the way, the course SAP Screen Personas – Beginner’s Level on Udemy, is under Sale of the Month offer. The offer ends soon. So, go enroll in the course before its too late! ūüôā


These days, I can work from anywhere in the world, though I prefer my sofa! I’m so thankful as my business allows me to spend time with my family.

I created the Entrepreneurs101 Club to help people with technical, business and marketing skills, so that they too can make money online and have financial freedom.

I’ve kept the membership for the Entrepreneurs101 Club affordable so that you don’t pay thousands of dollars, as I know I didn’t have that much money when I was starting out.

I know you too can have that freedom and flexibility only if you take action now and get started!


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What happens when you join the Club?

  1. Become a Member: Once you signup, you’ll receive a Welcome Email with your login details. This first step shows us the confidence that you’ve decided to take action to start your online business.
  2. Answer the Questionnaire: Now login to your account, and take answer the Questionnaire, which will evaluate your business acumen and tell you what you should ficus on.
  3. Grab the Plan: After the evaluation, we’ll give you a personalized Action Plan, which will guide you to understand what you need to launch your business or grow your existing business.
  4. 24X7 Support: Take full advantage of monthly calls for the club members and email support, to stay on the right track.
  5. Business Idea Implementation: Post completing all the action steps as per your plan, you’ll start seeing results like bigger and better profits, growth in audience and more freedom.
  6. Enjoy Life-Time Membership: Get add-ons and other benefits like early access to our Official Merchandise, Free Giveaways and Events, Amazon gift-cards and so much more, that too for life!


#Excerpt from my Former Web Designer

About the time when I left my 9-5 IT job to return to my passion for writing and joined other like-minded

It was November 2015. I badly needed a career change since I wanted to get rid of my IT job. Programming was getting on my nerves. So after back and forth arguments with family, I finally quit my job. For the first few months, I didn’t have a job, didn’t have a plan too. But still, I was satisfied after working in IT for 5 years.

One day I came across a Developer’s profile on Quora, which caught my attention and her Blogs were amazing. I followed her and her SAP blogs too. In no time, we became friends and I found out she already had a blog on WordPress called (SAP Courses), which she ran for a few years. Months later, I realized I’d just met my like-minded, my sister from another mother! ūüôā The only distinguishing factor between us was that she was all about Technology and Coding whereas I was all about Marketing (non-tech, basically).

From June 2016, I joined her and started working for her blog. I called her my like-minded, but she was way too smart and intelligent for me! She’d developed websites for various healthcare and manufacturing clients based in US, worked on projects with individual clients in South Wales, Montreal and London. She already had her own tech-blog, but then we improvised and made it better with our experiences.

Not an Entrepreneur?

No worries. Download my Business Ideas List and find out what business you can being with.


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