Top-Notch Business (The Book)

So how do you identify the right niche for your business and launch it successfully? 

From: Dixita Galiyal 
Mumbai, India 

Do let me know if this has happened with you too..
Every Entrepreneur wants to have his or her own scalable business. Isn’t it?

They say, “If you created it, the buyers will come..”

Whether you’re working in a traditional 9-5 job or have your own business, whether you create courses or write books, whether you sell a service or manufacture + advertise your own product…

Whatever you do, you do want to make sure that the niche you have chosen to create content on, is the best-selling niche in the market and that it will be scalable in the future too. Agree with me?

But unfortunately, sometimes even the mid-size businesses fail after a certain period of time…

Is this your story? Is that something you’re facing right now? Is that why you’re here today?

You really want to start an online business yourself, but you’re just too overwhelmed by the data you can get on the internet…

Maybe you’re planning of starting a business in near future, but you can’t figure out which niche to choose… 

Or maybe you already have an online business up and running for quite some time, but there’s no rise in your revenue… 

Now take a moment here to think! 

If you can’t figure out what business niche to choose, or if your already setup business is not scalable enough,

What’s up, people! My name is Dixita Galiyal and I’m the author of Online Marketing HACKS and now Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020
And I can guarantee that nobody is more obsessed with online marketing and business, than me! 

Just 2 years ago, I launched my first Digital-Tech Enterprise called, SAP Expert Solutions. Besides being the all-techie Founder, I used my technical coding skills and also worked my way to get more and more customers. (the former SAP Expert Solutions), now has over 120 clients all across the world, about 29,000 paying customers and new leads coming in every week, since I learnt how to generate traffic and leads for my business. 

I got everything that I wanted on Google. But, I wanted to go beyond that… 

And I learnt how to do business differently and smartly! 


I thought I’d lost everything. All hopes. We weren’t making good sales, also everything was sliding down the drain…

I tested everything on my own dime, to make it work. 

That was a time when I made up my mind, took a deep breath, and decided to compile all the skills and knowledge on business and marketing in the form of a book. That’s how Online Marketing HACKS came into picture… 

Using my own knowledge and learning new skills everyday, I could now tap into a whole new stream of business… 

What seemed impossible a year ago, is now my reality!! 

After almost one and half year, my online business started getting high-ticket clients… 

The business also helped me get traffic and new buyers for my Udemy Course. 

That’s just a little handful of information about my story and my business! 

Here’s my question for you – 

What would you do if I gave you all the top-notch ideas and models for business?” 

As I was building my team and generating new leads, I learnt a lot about business and business optimization during that process. Why is why I decided to pen it down in the form of a book to help all entrepreneurs, individuals and small-scale businesses in this mad race… 

I spent about a year to compile all my researched analysis and business acumen and skills, and turned it all into my new book, called: 

Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020 

Sharing my secret hacks and strategies in Business, I actually helped a bunch of other entrepreneurs with their successful business launch!

If you’re setting up a business, or if you have one, then Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020, can get you more and more business leads, thereby making your business scalable


Do you have the knowledge of passive income streams but just don’t know how to build one for yourself?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and weighed down by the number of marketing strategies?

Do you wish to have a kickass business idea and launch your business successfully?

One of my students, Raghav from UAE, was in the same boat when he wrote to me: “There’s a pool of information on marketing and business ideas on the internet. Which one should I use for my business out of those? I’m so confused...”



My new book, is set for launch on 31st May 2020. And here’s a little preview manuscript of a few chapters of my book, Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020.

  • Everything you need to know about passive income, understanding the fundamentals and how you can setup your own passive income stream.
  • An in-depth narration on how to transform your business passion into a successful business, and at the same time, grow your community.
  • You’ll learn how to scale your online business in 2020 if you already have one setup.
  • Get smart mindful insights from me, developed especially for Entrepreneurs.
  • Also, learn how to market and promote your business in 2020.  

Hear from our Customers

This book by Dixita helped me identify what mistakes to avoid for a joyous entrepreneurial journey. Almost all my targets are achieved now and I’m planning for business expansion too! If I can do it, anyone can. I highly recommend this book. 

Rachel Jade (Atlanta, GA)

I like this smart technical guide as it has pushed me and my team to reach furthermore. With the correct business sense delivered in the book, our travel business is now scalable. Top-Notch Business is a must-read for everyone and beginners. 

Daniella Morgan (San Francisco, CA)



Do you know how much does the Amazon Kindle E-Book cost? 
Just $5.49! Yes, just 10 bucks… 

So, do you want to spend $5.49 and learn everything you need to learn about business and launch your own efficient business along with a few other passive income streams





A project that my team and I have been working on for over 10 months now. A book that took me a year to write…

There’s also great commissions for affiliates who promote my new book and a giveaway in coming months for top 5 affiliates who make the highest number of sales!

The reason why I wrote this book in the first place is that there’s no better time for business owners and entrepreneurs to setup & launch their own scalable business and make money while they sleep.. 

Top-Notch Business is amazing. And I truly believe it will help thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide!


Talking about Affiliate Marketing

We’re giving away new Apple Airpods to every affiliate who makes over 100 sales  of Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models of 2020 Kindle E-Book. 

So, all those affiliates who promote the Amazon Kindle E-book and makes sales starting from today till 30th May 2020, 12 PM EST, is eligible for the giveaway. 

If you want to build a successful online business as per your niche or your experience, or if you already have a business running and you want my strategic hacks to identify the ideal market for your products and find customers and buyers for your online business, then you should definitely buy my new book: Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020. 


This is the most uncertain and one crazy time unlike anything we’ve ever seen. To tell you the truth, during such difficult times, the data & information and the capabilities that we take in or we get to implement, are all imperative to where we will land when it’s all over. Agree with me? 

This is why I’m damn stoked to let you know that you can get my new book, Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020 Amazon Kindle E-Book just for $5.49

This book is for entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners who want a little direction before launching their revolutionary business line. 



Because most businesses fail or die out as they aren’t scalable enough or the business owners don’t know how to scale their business. 

If you wish to have immense knowledge on all major types of business models and business ideas to setup your own business, if you want to dominate all social media platforms and grow your business, then Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020, is a MUST BUY!  



I don’t want the natural uncertainties and circumstances force you to give up on your own business. This book + all bonus – is the solution to the thriving, sustainable and scalable business, irrespective of the economy. 

So, take action today itself!! What you’re waiting for

The intense knowledge you’ll have and the tips, hacks and lessons you’ll learn starting from the process of ordering this book, are priceless!

This is truly a limited offer. So, grab a copy before they’re all gone.

Thanks, for taking the time to read this page and I hope you enjoy your read!


Dixita Galiyal

P. S. Grab a copy and you’ll understand why this book is a MUST READ in 2020 and the years to come…

Click on Pre-Order button, you won’t regret it! 




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