Let’s Meet The Team!

Dixita Galiyal | Founder, Director

HustleGrind was incorporated to help entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, marketers and startups, get help, guidance, tips, mentorship and action plan on business setup & launch, generation of passive income, financial stability and business scalability & growth.”

Since 2013, Dixita has built a strong relationship with her followers and subscribers (targeted platforms – Quora & LinkedIn), by solving their questions/queries on SAP, ERP Solutions, Career Guidance, Business Strategies and Self Growth, sold thousands of digital products online through internet marketing, helped hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs with the concept of business model, sales funnel and paid advertising, founded two Digi-Tech Startups called SES and HustleGrind before 2020, that help corporations with live SAP Business Solutions and other hundreds of small-scale businesses with their business growth and future scalability.

In her free time, Dixita likes to collaborate with thought leaders and internet marketers for her Entrepreneurs Community.

The Hustlers – The Team Behind All The Hustle & Madness

We’re a team of 39 SAP certified and experienced Business professionals who joined Dixita Galiyal, in running her online company. We’re scattered around mainly in the US and Canada.

While on most days, we’re glued to our computers working all day, on some days, we cherish our time with our families or binge watch Netflix.

Working for HustleGrind has been immensely satisfying. It has provided us the flexible, but structured way to generate income while pursuing our individual creative spaces. We freed ourselves from the typical corporate lifestyle bound by the strict schedule in late 2014, before meeting Dixita.

By working closely with our clients on their requirements and goals, we help them let go of the things they don’t need to focus. We believe when a person has lesser stress, they work from a stronger place of creativity. We all get to learn new things every now and then, and the sense of business and community built around our team is more than anyone could ask for.

Our Happy Clients

2 years into the business, we proudly announce that we’ve served and collaborated on individual projects with all kinds of businesses and organizations. Some of which, are below.







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