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To teach and guide thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals to leave their regular “day-job” and launch their own online business…

“I’d been giving away free tips, tricks, strategies and guidelines on internet marketing, advertising campaigns, SAP and business launch for about 2 years…

I’m helping hundreds of people just like you to leave their regular (traditional) 9-5 jobs and start their very own venture!

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Who Is Dixita Galiyal?

Dixita Galiyal is one of the acclaimed entrepreneur and a leader in internet marketing, business and entrepreneurship. She switched from being a 9-5 SAP Developer & Manager to single-handedly creating her 6-figure online business.

Dixita is mainly partnered and viewed for her expertise in SAP and Internet Marketing. She has authored two books – ‘Online Marketing HACKS‘, which turns aspiring online marketers into successful full-time entrepreneurs, and ‘Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020“, which gives the reader immense knowledge on various types of business models and business ideas in order to have a successful business for decades to come…

Dixita is an expert is building and creating scalable top-niche online businesses. Her work’s recommended for her client-coaching, trainings and business consultations for entrepreneurs.

Top-Notch Business

Top-Notch Business Ideas & Business Models for 2020 – smart guide have a successful business launch for decades…

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