Have You Been Wearing More or Less Makeup Lately?

Have You Been Wearing More or Less Makeup Lately?

Ya know, I go through phases. Sometimes, I’ll diligently wear makeup every day, and I’ll remember how much better I feel when my brows are combed and my lashes are curled and coated with mascara (at a minimum), but then for any number of reasons nowadays I’ll slip into a pit of semi-despair (sounds dramatic, but it feels that way sometimes) and forget to put any makeup for several days…

During those phases I’ll tend to also let other things slide, like I won’t do my hair, and I’ll rock wrinkly clothes that could easily double as pajamas.

Eventually, I snap out of it and realize, yet again, that when I put in a little effort and “show up for myself,” I feel better all around. So it’s cyclical, I guess.

One thing that helps me is reminding myself that I don’t have to don everything and the kitchen sink. Even a little bit of self-care counts and makes a big difference in my mood.

Sometimes I feel like I have to do “spicy” or “exciting” looks, partly out of habit, and sometimes just so I can talk about them here on MBB.

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