Saturday Surfing, Aug. 8, 2020

Saturday Surfing, Aug. 8, 2020

I was shocked — ABSOLUTELY FLABBERGASTED! — when I found out future Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t eat tomatoes, because I cannot comprehend life without tomatoes. 🍅


Apparently, they can cause joint inflammation. Who knew?!

Well, too bad, Tom, because you are no longer invited to my house for lunch today, because I’m having homemade bruschetta.

I’ve been eating so. Many. Tomatoes. Lately. Like, obnoxious amounts of ’em because we have a couple of very productive tomato plants on the back deck. El Hub, otherwise known as “The Keeper of the Tomato Plants,” must’ve pleased the tomato gods this year, because they’ve blessed us with a profound amount of the fruit. And yup, tomatoes are fruit! (I’m full of fun facts this morning.)

We’re doing bruschetta, caprese salad, tomato basil pasta… Basically, if a dish contains tomatoes, chances are we’re eating it, and it’s been glorious!

One thing I’ve yet to try, though, is a tomato pie. A friend of mine on Facebook posted one she made, and I’m extremely curious about it. If you happen to have a recipe, please let me know.

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