SalesNexus Announces Version 5 – August 2020 Release

Send Automated SMS Text Message Campaigns (Or add texts to existing campaigns) in SalesNexus

  • Built in RingCentral Integration – Click to Call & SMS Text Message Campaigns
  • You can add SMS text messages to any campaign – mix and match campaigns with emails, calls, tasks and texts!
  • Create Text Message Templates utilizing custom merge tags for any field in your database. The opportunities are endless!
  • You can add SMS texts to any campaign – mix and match campaigns with emails, calls, tasks and texts!
  • Read more on SMS functionality

Email Editor 5.0 – Completely New & Stunning in its Simplicity

  • Seamless, Intuitive Design & Feel for Effortless Email Template Creation.
Drag and Drop functionality
  • Ability to clone rows, text, cells, or images in 1 click
  • Gorgeous New Starter Template Library for quick designs
  • Ability to rearrange and move rows by clicking and dragging
  • Easily add social links and social share icons
  • Access to Old Email Editor and Templates still available for use under “View Email Templates (old)” and “Create Email Template (old)”. Campaigns still work as expected, and you can mix old and new templates in your campaigns.

 Improvements to Imports Process

  • FB2132 – import service – contact name -> first name + last name and vice versa reported issues 
    • If no full name or first and last name is specified, our Automation will now generate the first and last name or full name based upon the full Name, and Vice Versa.
  • FB2057 – Import Service – easier handling mismatched data types
  • FB2069 – Imports – added ability to import notes
    • If you have a notes column in your import spreadsheet, you can map any field content to be created as a note on your contact records.
  • FB2103 – Import service – Duplicate Checking Capability in Upload File
    • New Import Feature will not allow you to import duplicate contacts
    • You can download a list of the duplicate contacts not imported after your Import
  • FB2118 – imports – remove field when mapped –
    • If you have already mapped any field (i.e. First Name), you cannot map it again. It will be unavailable to use. 

Improved Email Delivery

  • FB2143 – For new clients and Free Trials, we have switched to use Amazon SES as an option for improved Email Delivery Rates.
    • If you would like to get setup through our updated mail server for improved delivery, reach out to for more information.

Contact Records

  • FB2025 – Reorganize Your Right Side Contact Layout Tabs
    • Click on the Menu Bars next to the Layout Names and drag them to the order in which you’d like them to Display

Other Noteworthy Enhancements

  • FB2116 – X Menu and Main Navigation Improvements – Instead of Clicking the “X” for Menu, you now click the “Menu” Icon to the right of the “X” 
  • FB2158 – Check DKIM Status On My Record Page, or any user contact record – check DKIM status by the Green Check Mark ( DKIM Setup Properly), or Red X (DKIM not set up properly

DKIM Set Up Properly

DKIM Not Set Up Properly

Bug Fixes

  • FB2213 – Email template button BCC/CC  works as expected
  • FB2197 – click notification duplicate activities when clicked too quickly
  • FB2073  – View Campaign button in View Contacts not creating lookup
  • FB2031 – Issue where Apply layouts created duplicates
  • FB2107 – logged out return url now redirects as expected
  • FB2128 – Fixed temporary issue where My Settings voip choice was not saving correctly


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