Hurst Announces Master Rebuild Kits For Competition/Plus Shifters – Units From 1966 To Present Covered!

Learning to rebuild a Holley carb, servicing a Hurst shifter, these are things that gear heads have been using as rites of passage for a half century now and that’s pretty awesome when you think about it. Well, if you are the owner and operator of a Hurst Competiton/Plus shifter, you have no reason NOT to be making all of your shifts in a perfectly precise manner because the company is now selling master rebuild kits that will allow you to make every shifter from 1966 right on up perfect.

Shifters do wear. That’s something that happens and like anything that wears over time, you may not even know how sloppy thing have gotten until you maybe row gears in another car or have one of those “hmmm, it always worked ok before” moments in your car when getting aggressive on the street or the strip. No worries, as you can get the rebuild kit and have your shifter working just as the Shifty Dr at Hurst would want it to be!

Hurst Announces Master Rebuild Kits For Competition/Plus Shifters!

Is your Hurst Competition Plus shifter starting to show its age after years of hard driving? It’s time to get rid of that sloppy feeling power shift with Hurst’s new line of service parts for Competition/Plus shifters! Featuring a new master rebuild kit as well as an isolater/retainer clip set, there has never been a better time to breathe new life into your aging shifter. Read on to learn more!


Now you can bring the performance back with Hurst’s new Master Rebuild kit for 1966 and newer Competition/Plus shifters! This kit contains all of the wear parts needed to rebuild your Competition/Plus shifter along with detailed instructions.


The Hurst handle retainer and isolator clip sets include two of each of the rubber inserts, and metal clips used in OE Hurst shifters with “bayonet-style” stick bases. Replace those worn out shifter components to recapture the original performance of your factory Hurst shifter!

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