FOTD: Unintentionally ’80s Copper and Purple

FOTD: Unintentionally ’80s Copper and Purple

I blame all of the talk about Duran Duran in the Monday Poll comments on this makeup. I was going for colorful and modern with copper and plum lids, but I think I may have ended up unintentionally recreating the ’80s instead.


(While we’re at it, would someone please pass me a pair of big-@ss shoulder pads and a bottle Aqua Net, STAT?)

That’s the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette on my lids again, by the way. Marcia asked in the comments last week what I think of it, and ya know…I have mixed feelings.

The purples are easy to blend, and they’re just different enough to be able to create a variety of violet looks with them, which is cool! As for the powder blue highlight shade (Lucid)? It’s surprisingly versatile (and beautiful) as an inner corner highlighter and to mix with other purples, but the warm, orange and copper tones are kind of a challenge to work with. I totally get that UD was going for a purposeful clash with the orange and purple, but they’re a little too disjointed to put the two against each other.

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