Bonneville Speed Week 2020: Night Two At The Nugget’s Parking Lot

Being on the salt all day is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’re on the freaking salt, man! How can life suck when you’re surrounded by fast machines, gearheads, and one of the coolest geographic locations in America, if not the world? The screaming engines, the chase for the speed, the thrash in the pits all rule. But…and I’m being legitimate here…at some point you have to get away from the salt. You have to return to some semblance of humanity, and no, making a run to the gas station just off of the exit to stock up on munchies does not qualify as “getting away”. No, for that you cross the state line into Nevada and you hit up West Wendover, and if you’re there you stop in at The Nugget and check out the car show.

It’s not a one-night deal, the car show. Frankly, so long as Speed Week is going on and it’s not racing hours, it’s always a show…something will be parked that’s interesting. But like any other get-together, place bad-ass cars in a parking lot and sooner or later a crowd of people will start checking them out. We’re sure you’d rather be out there than behind the screen, but we hope this gallery helps out just a bit!

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