Bentley Teases Their Electric Future

High voltage and sustainability are the buzzwords from every automaker. With Europe’s mandate for all production cars to have hybrid technology, Bentley has given us a glimpse of their electric future. A 3-year project named OCTOPUS has culminated in a breakthrough in electric-powered axles. The acronym stands for Optimised Components, Test and simulatiOn, toolkits for Powertrains which integrate Ultra high-speed motor Solutions.

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Using electromagnets instead of rare earth elements, the motor is able to be recycled and rebuilt for the ultimate in sustainability. Engineers also eliminated copper from the motor. This costs a bit of efficiency, but who knows how much copper our planet has left. To see the big picture, they plan to have their first EV on the road by 2026. Because Bentley is part of the VW group, they also have access to Rimac, as Porsche owns 20% of the hypercar builder.

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