Before and After: Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara

Before and After: Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara

Ooh! Urban Decay just launched a new long-wearing mascara with a freaky-looking wand for $25. It’s designed, first and foremost, to increase volume, especially at the roots, and has a crazy-looking wand with three distinct surfaces! If you like bold lash looks and a cruelty-free formula that doesn’t smudge or smear, check it out.

How does it it work?

On one side of the brush there’s a row of asymmetrical teeth that really maximizes the amount of product the brush deposits on your lashes. The brush tip has a series of spikes to separate and define individual hairs, too. The last side — the smooth, curved part of the brush — is designed to press up against the roots for added lift.

What does two coats look like?

On my lashes, which naturally point downward and struggle to hold a curl, Lash Freak adds noticeably dramatic thickness at the base of my lashes, and you couldn’t miss it from a mile away! Two coats are enough for thick and lush lashes, but here’s the thing: from up close, the individual lashes look lumpy and bumpy. The curl from my lash curler also relaxes quite bit, so the coated lashes end up reaching out rather than curling up…

I like the color though.

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