7-Eleven Buys Speedway for $21 Billion

Electricity is the future, and the oil companies are starting to sweat. With OPEC fighting Russia by flooding the market with cheap crude, the price of oil went negative briefly at the end of April. Marathon is great at refining fuel, but their name-brand stations leave much to be desired. Speedway was their flagship brand, often combined with fast-food franchises. So in a shocking report, Bloomberg announced that 7-Eleven has purchased Speedway for $21 Billion dollars. We imagine a future with more Slurpee choices, and the 128 oz Team Gulp for every American. Not to mention 7-11’s hot pizza and breakfast is quite tasty. This adds 4,000 locations to their existing global empire of 71,100 stores across 17 nations. Tell us your favorite pit stop in the comments below…and Oh Thank Heaven 7-Eleven!

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