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Generally, an entrepreneur looks up on the internet or observes the surrounding, identifies a problem that people face, then builds a product as a solution to that problem, and then offers or sells that product or service as a solution to people.

These days, selling digital products has become one of the top businesses for all kinds of freelancers, individuals, marketers, home makers, and students. This business of selling digital products has actually helped millions of people all over the world earn a stable passive income every month. Some even do it full-time after quitting their jobs and make this business as their sole income stream for life, since they’ve found success in their businesses.

Do you think breakthrough successful business ideas will come knocking on your door? Do you think that one awesome business idea will go announced just like that? No, that’s never going to happen. All the business ideas or simple ideas becoming successful businesses today – they all started small.

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Some of the most dynamic and forceful innovations in any industry today doesn’t involve breakthrough technologies or new advanced tools and mechanisms. Instead some of the most mighty and influential corporations involve the development and implementation of fundamentally new business models, which eventually make the business super successful.

No doubt, some business models have been used vigorously and have been upgraded every two decades or so. Although the business models used earlier were stable and governed a few key ideas of the business. For example, the ‘bait and hook’ business model was used in the 1920s, where customers were enticed with a cheap initial product (bait) and then compelled to buy the endless refills (hook). The ‘franchise model’ came in 1950s that was introduced and established by McDonald’s. In 1960s, came the business model of ‘hypermarkets’ like Walmart. All businesses and organizations from every sector implemented and continued using all these business models till the invention of the internet in 1990s.

From 1990s, the major business models were reinvented and joined the revolutionary radical growth. And within two decades, we were introduced to some new platforms in record time like bitcoin and blockchain that used the ‘trusted third party’ business model. And since then, the bar for crowdfunding and old traditional funding ways, was raised!

Cut to today, we are now witnessing some of the best business models that are on the verge of redefining business over the next few decades. Though there are a countless business that are connected and tied up by the mentality of maintaining the business operations as expected, it is highly important than ever to leverage the existing business models to have optimum success. At present, the business models implemented and used by many industries and each sector, are nothing but new ways of creating value.

People today call the current business models – ‘disruptive business models’, because everyone should have at least the basic understanding of the business models. Even if you don’t have a business, neither you’re planning to start one in future, still you should know all the kinds of business models and understand the strengths of each model.

Welcome people, to my another blog. 

You know it’s possible and is true. Retiring at 30, 35, 40, or even 50, has now become a trend for pretty much all the financial bloggers and online marketers and influencers. But, let me ask you a quick serious question here – Do you know what it takes to retire at 40? Do you know what it takes to even think about retiring early in life and have a financial independent life?

Retiring at 40 or early in life definitely means pure commitment. There’s one thing you need for sure whenever you decide to retire, and this is – Money! You might save a lot from your traditional 9-5 job and those savings will eventually exhaust in the first few years only and this is a fact.

With the right mindset and right set of planning and actions, you’ll have continued sources of income even after you retire. My Plan-Of-Action (POA) and Retire-by-40 Plan is ready. What about you? 

After almost 4 years of learning, testing and multiple failures, I finally cracked the perfect code to a scalable online business (irrespective of the niche and target audience). I’ve helped individuals (my students) and small-scale businesses to grow and scale their revenue with just online marketing and sales funnels. But, it wasn’t easy for me, personally, from the beginning!




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