SES 112: How to Become a Full-Time Blogger and Make Over $5,000 a Month?

So, you came across this blog post because you want to learn and understand how to do blogging full-time or how to become a full-time blogger.

Before you jump into the world of blogging, there’s an important question that you should ask yourself – Why do you want to become a full-time Blogger?

There can be numerous reasons behind opting full-time blogging, some of which are as follows:

  • You want to escape the traditional 9-5 corporate job and become your own boss.
  • You just want to stay at home and take care of your family while making a full-time income from home.
  • You’re passionate about a certain topic or niche and you want to teach and help others too in that particular topic.
  • Or maybe you just want to give blogging a try simply because it’s easy to get started, and see if you can make money from blogging.

We all are different individuals and therefore, our “WHYs” are also different than others. Before we jump into my step-by-step guide, I’d like to share my story of how I started blogging and became a full-time blogger.

If you don’t have time to read my story, then you can proceed to the step-by-step guide on how to become a full-time blogger.

My Story (How I Became a Blogger) 

The idea of becoming a full-time blogger didn’t cross my mind a few years back in 2013-2014. Just like an ordinary user on the internet, I read some popular blogs and websites and consumed all the information and data to learn something new and challenging. Fun fact, I didn’t even realize I was reading “blogs” at the time.

I believed the information I read on the internet were just articles written by freelancers. And needless to say that I didn’t even know back then, how blogs or websites were making money online.

If you’d told me to start a blog or website and earn a full-time income out of it, I’d have laughed out loud and probably showed absolutely no interest.

I always believed this –

“I’m not a writer and I don’t like a tech expert too. So, I can’t be successful since I’m not popular and a huge personality on the internet!” 

A couple of years later I realized all that wasn’t true. I realized and learnt that you don’t have a popular writer or a tech expert, to write a niche profitable blog.

Although I didn’t understand much about blogging, but I started applying for freelance writing projects and started taking up those gigs one by one. I kind of liked the concept of earning extra money by writing about the topics I liked talking about.

A lot of people and my friends ask me for tips of tech and marketing, so I wanted to check myself if I could make money online by writing on the same. Firstly, I like helping and influencing people with my own hacks and tips. And secondly, I thought to myself how awesome would it be if I could make money writing on something I’m passionate about and enjoy talking about! 

Although I had my regular 9-5 job back then. I just thought that it would be really cool if I turn my blog into a legit passive income stream, eventually leaving my day job. So, in 2015 on-wards, I started pouring my heart in learning ‘how to make money blogging‘. At first, there was no growth or rise. But when I actually saw a little consistent rise in my blog income, I wanted to leave my job and become a full-time blogger at the time. In 2019, I quit my job and turned into a full-time blogger as I was able to earn a full-time income from blogging.

How to Become a Full-Time Blogger?

Today, I’m going to go through all the steps in becoming a full-time blogger.

Step 1: Launch Your Blog

I remember I chose WordPress when I first started my blog.

I even created a step-by-step tutorial on how to earn full-time from blogging, starting from today.

Believe it or not, you can start your blog as low as $2.12 a month and get a free custom domain and have full access to email and live chat support. This price and free domain registration is available exclusively only when you use this WordPress link.

When I registered for WordPress, I chose a free theme to get started. You can start blogging with a free theme and get a paid theme later as you like.

On WordPress, there are loads of themes to choose from (both paid and free). I started off blogging with a free theme because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in selecting a perfect ‘paid’ theme for my blog.

You can even join My FREE 7-Day Start a Successful Blog Email Course, where I give you more details into step-by-step tutorial on what to do for a successful blog. Sign up below to get the juicy scoop!


Step 2: Figure Out What to Blog/Write About

Once you get registered with WordPress and get a domain, you might be thinking, “what exactly should I blog about?

To figure that out, take a step back and check who your target audience is. Choosing something that you enjoy talking about along with helping or serving others, is a great way to begin.

Never pick a topic or niche because you think it will bring in more eyeballs and thereby, will make money. Think about it, can you actually blog about something you don’t have interest in?

When you’re thinking of starting a blog or if you wish to be a full-time blogger, trust me, you don’t want your blogs to feel like a boring 9-5 regular job that you do, purely for money!

Therefore, I’d like you to use the schematic below and figure out your sweet spot!


Do keep in mind that the users or readers online are not interested reading about your personal problems and challenges, unless you use them as examples to solve their problems. To be straightforward, a reader wants to learn how your blog can help him with his problems, when he comes across your blogs or lands on your website. 

As per the stats and numbers, hundreds of searches on “how to” are carried out every single day, on the internet, like: 

  • How to lose weight in a week 
  • How to earn extra passive income 
  • How to train your dog 
  • How to save extra $1,000 every month 
  • How to make good pancakes 

People search for such questions because they’re looking for answers. Therefore, if you want to enjoy blogging and at the same time make money blogging too, then your sweet sport should hit these three aspects – passion, demands of market and skills.  


In order to be skilled at something, or even be considered skilled, you don’t have to be an expert in that field/area. You can record your learning and your experiences and the challenges you faced, and teach others what you’ve learnt so that they can avoid those mistakes. As long as you provide valued content that’s been searched online frequently, audience will find value in your content. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you really put in your efforts and time, then you’ll get RESULTS in future.   


Step 3: Write a Few Blogs 

Since learning from your own mistakes is the greatest lesson you can learn in life. Therefore, speaking from my past experiences, I’d suggest you research, plan and schedule a few blog posts in advance, before the actual launch of your blog or website. 

If you can’t write properly without the help, then I’d recommend using tools like WhiteSmoke or Grammarly, since it corrects your grammar in real-time as you type, and even detects your spelling errors. Although there’s a paid which is a premium version of the tool, but you can get the free version too HERE. This is really helpful who’re just starting out or are new in the blogging world! 

Personally, I’ve written about various non-tech and technical topics from different niches to see what I enjoy writing the most. You won’t believe it, but this practice of testing the water before the dive, has helped me see a better clear picture of the performance of my blogs. 

In the beginning when you’re starting out, I understand it can get a little difficult figuring out what to write about for your blogs. 

Once you have an idea of what your readers or audience like more, then you’ll be able to create more of that kind of content. You’ll then focus only on that specific area or niches. 


Step 4: Launch Blog & Drive Audience 

When I started my blog, I didn’t have an audience. So, I focused all my time and energy on driving free traffic to my blogs. Majorly, all social media networks offers paid advertising for promoting and marketing products or services. 

I’d been using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Quora and Twitter to drive traffic to my blogs. 

Learn the important benefits of online marketing you need to know for your venture of personal branding, here

Besides the traffic, it’s also advisable to learn how to rank on Google’s searches and other search engines, so that your blog can be found easily online. Work on your marketing strategies to promote your blog, so that you have better and improved traffic


Step 5: How to Make Money Blogging? 

It’s a bit funny that a lot of people search for – “how to make money blogging quickly?”. Well, becoming a blogger isn’t going to solve your problems quickly, if you want to make big money quickly. 

Like I’d said before, success doesn’t happen overnight when it comes to blogging. Building a profitable blog in a particular niche takes time and a lot of efforts, but pays-off everything in the end. 

If you like, you can learn how to make money blogging, if you’ve decided your topic or niche or if you’re just starting out. 

Just FYI, I’d written a blog post on very easy yet simple ways to boost your blog traffic, in order to start making money blogging. 

If you don’t know already, I’ve also addressed why is blogging becoming so much popular these days, considering the number of blogs you come across on the internet every day. 


Step 6: Keep Learning & Keep Testing! 

It may happen that you don’t see any result after implementing great strategies for online marketing and blog promotion. 

Therefore, I’d advise you to keep your chin up, take it as a learning phase, and keep it going in the right direction, till you find the desired results (big wins)! 

Being disheartened or negative about the whole thing, won’t help in any way. You won’t get anywhere. So, it’s better to embrace every failure and loss, and turned it way around by learning and testing other strategies that work for you. 

Personally, no matter what, I’ve always treated my lows and highs, as my learning phase. Do you know what’s the difficult part in the business? Being able to move on and keep learning and implementing, when your blog doesn’t generate the kind of results you expect. 


Executive Summary

It’s natural and easier to get worried about the possible and convenient mistakes you can commit in your business, than to never get started at all fearing the failure. Because that’s the only possible way to check your failure and success. Starting a business is little risky, but it takes hustle, brains, guts and hard work to pull it off! 

If you want to ensure that you’ll succeed in your business, is not to be afraid of mistakes and failures. Mistakes are a part of every process, regardless of the circumstance and work. So, jump right away, you’re not alone in here, and get your online business going! 

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