SES 110: Earn Full-Time from Blogging (Know all the ‘HOWs’)

The probability of you hearing about a blogger or a successful blog running on the internet today, is really high. Why? Because there’s a huge number of blogs that one can find on all the possible topics. Whether it is about travel and tours, or cosmetics, or fashion, or home decor, or self-help and guidance, or DIYs, or easy internet hacks. You may have seen a documentary or a movie based on a Blog. Isn’t it? So, let’s dive into blogging and the basics of blogging. 


What is a Blog?

A Blog is kind of a website with regular posts updated; posts being the blog posts or articles packed with information and data related to a specific topic. A blog post can consist of videos, images/pictures, text, hyperlinks, social media buttons, and other type of media. Initially, a blog was created to discover your views, experiences and interests.

If you search anything on the web, and find an appropriate search result link, it’s nothing but a blog. You may not have realized it then. Some of the best blogs running on the internet today are updated many times a day, as the blog is handled by a group of people and writers who are paid to update the blog regularly.

Almost all the blogs that you find online are always written by just one author. That’s why on an average a blog is little personal to the author who writes it and therefore, the blogs reflect the interests and traits and individual personalities of the writer. 

How I Started Blogging?

I discovered blogging in 2009. Although I never tried to blog on my own since I didn’t have resources and much knowledge about it. But I started blogging in a full swing in 2013 when I first started writing for instruments and manufacturing industries based in the US. I wasn’t paid initially, but it didn’t bother me at the time. I wrote some really cool blogs back then for clients and companies, just to make some money. I just knew blogs were good for Google searches and SEO ranking. I made about $1000 back then in 2013 after three years of writing blogs for the clients while doing Engineering, which wasn’t bad at all!

I’ve been a keen learner and I’m always searching and learning new things. In 2015, I started my blog on Technologies and Gadgets (because I love them) on Blogger by Google. And since I’ve many contacts on Google, it was easy to share my blogs with my contacts directly. The reason why I chose Blogger is because of the number of ready easy-to-use templates for the blog designing. My passion for Gadgets and Technologies made me quite some money from the targeted Ads on my blogs using Google AdSense.

Blogging is a way to communicate with the target audience and share it with the world. A blog can take any form and can influence audience and readers. You can build friendships and relationships with your loyal readers and connect with them from your blogs. Blogging consistently drives readers and visitors to your blogs for more reads, which increases the views of your blogs. Different people have different perspective and opinion about blogging. What I learnt from my blogging experience is to be consistent. I tried to blog regularly but somehow, I couldn’t keep up the consistency because of studies and then work. 

After launching my own business, I plan and organize my blogs and webinars in advance. What I like about blogging is that, I get to connect with my subscribers and followers and get to know about their experiences. I always look forward to the new things I can learn from them. Now every day I blog and publish my blogs and connect with the like-minded people and above all, I get paid to do it.

Now you’re wondering how do I get paid, right? Though I don’t get paid every single day, but I do get paid regularly every month for my blogs. I develop useful and resourceful content on my blogs for the target audience. How I monetize my blogs today is totally because of the time I’d invested in learning about it. I didn’t have strong monetization methods back in 2013. But now I know all about monetization and thus, I’ve implemented a few methods of making money from the content of my blogs.

Blogging is not a full-time job and it shouldn’t be one if you don’t want to. But blogging can be a full-time income stream in your life. You might not get results initially. But with time, when your blog grows and reaches thousands of people around of world every day, it can develop into a full-time income stream. Blog is not only resourceful for your readers and other audiences, but it also slowly and steadily, builds your brand.

Many huge companies also put a lot of effort on their blogs. Blog actually shows how that company works, or work culture in the office, or company’s vision and goals, or simply the main niche of industry the company is working in.

Today, there are a number of blogs up and running and some of them are catching everyone’s attention, whereas some hardly get any visitors. At some point of time, you might have come across a blog or two on the internet that has just a few likes or shares. These kinds of blogs either don’t get too many readers or visitors or their SEO game is not that good!  


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Why Should You Start a Blog?

No matter what your niche is, no matter what your budget is, it’s advisable to write a blog on the same. These days, you’ll find a number of online marketers and content developers monetizing their blogs or websites. And trust me, it is a smart move as it keeps your business on check. There’s a huge need for the good content on the internet. Many tech companies hire content developers to create great content for their website. Passionate and knowledgeable people, have started their businesses from teaching online courses. Creating a blog or a website, writing posts or articles and maintaining it sounds like time-consuming and tedious thing. But, long-term this habit of continuous blogging, will pay off everything.

Blogging is the prime part of the online marketing hack. Many people ignore it at first, but then eventually have to start blogging for their businesses. If you’re running a supreme MNC, or a small startup, or even just thinking to start one in near future, I suggest you better start blogging now. Because 3-4 years from now, you’ll be glad that you started blogging and maintained one.

There are a couple of chief reasons why Blogging is important and it plays a dominant role for any business.

  • Drive Visitor Count: The more you blog, the more there’s a chance of getting it in front of the customers. This will lead to driving more and more customers to your blog site. Connect your site to all your business’s social media pages to share your content instantly. Thus, when you write a blog, it gets shared on the social media platforms simultaneously, which helps in driving more traffic to your website. Let your visitors and followers have something to click through leading to your website. Moreover, you can post inbound links linking to any blog or post, to attract more traffic to a particular landing page of your website. This way, your site’s visitor and customer count will increase!


  • More Customer Relationships: By writing and blogging regularly, your customers start developing on your business and business name, as you get regular blog posts, maybe every week or twice or week. By blogging and maintaining your blogs on your website, you give your customers more content that they’d be interested in, which develops firm trust for the information you provide to your customers. Customers like to be informed, updated and they like when they are appreciated. Here, social media pages of your online business play a major role in developing strong relationship with your customers. Moreover, you can keep making this relationship even stronger by connecting with them on social platforms, so they get to know about your business, events, discounts and offers coming in the future and much more!


  • Improve your SEO: Use keywords in your blog that are easily searched and commonly used on the internet. Your SEO is directly proportional to the visibility of the blogs you write. Thus, more blogs improve and increase your SEO. Check the titles (headings) of your blogs and keywords on your blog, so that it ends on top of the search result, when someone searches your website or simply a related topic.


  • Transform into a Brand: By blogging, you’re eventually making a great impression in the market for your business. Your blogs speak not only on the topic or niche, but it also speaks about your business and the kind of business you’re running. The customers will get to know about the kind of services and products you’re selling and what they’re looking for. These people who follow and subscribe to your business, actually become your potential and loyal customers. Thus, the more you or your team show that your business is unique and you know what you’re doing, then your customers are most likely to buy the products or services that you offer them. In the long run, blogging usually helps and has proven to provide sky-high results, as your business and your niche start getting associated with your name and your brand!


Wondering how people can find you on the internet? With the right set of keywords and correct usage of SEO, your audience will know who you are, what your products or services are. You can also pay for the traffic, which is called paid traffic. But I wouldn’t recommend that for young startups.

In order to be on top of the search results, you want to keep your blog or website updated, which doesn’t happen that often. Therefore, writing a blog means one more chance to show up in the search results on Google or on any search engine, for that matter. By regular blogging, you’re making your audience aware of your brand and your online business. Blogging not only helps in attracting your customers to your company website, but you’re also creating a business space on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, which helps in exposing your brand to the new customers on social media.

A high-quality blog that you write on a specific niche of your business, can get you views and leads. If you get 1000 views on one of your blogs on a particular topic, there’s a probability of getting a minimum of 10 leads out of it, which can pay you 10 sales. Sounds interesting, right? Well, more regular blogs mean more chances of leads. You may not get leads instantly, but the time and energy you invest for your blogs today, can convert into hundreds of views and leads in the future.

A blog provides a two-way communication with the customers, which helps in developing the relationship even further. The readers or visitors can leave comments on your blogs which you can reply to and understand their views and have a personal connect with them. When you write about your business and the products or services you offer, you tend to be on your toes all the time because of the market competition. You should dig deeper and deeper into your specialty and expand your knowledge. Because the more you learn, the more you’ll be able to share it with your audience. And the day is not far away, when your prospects will turn into customers and customers will turn into your loyal buyers, from your blogs. Studies show that a huge number of leads come from the blogs for every small-scale business.

Did you know blogging is a great way to collect emails? That’s right. This is probably the easiest way to collect emails from blogging, where you can drive the traffic to the website and use a squeeze page to capture visitor’s emails. That’s the very job of a blog.

Moreover, a blog makes you look professional, as a blog adds exceptionally well to your credibility. You can even send the traffic to your current or best offers that you want to promote. Thus, this not only builds and generates the organic traffic, but also provides good conversion rates over other business. Creating a unique personality that your customers can relate to is also crucial. Why? Because there are so many blogs and so many brands out there and you need to stand out in the crowd. With that being said, just be original and your real self. One smart way to achieve this, is to write unique blogs on your expertise that one wouldn’t find on the internet. By the way, did I mention, that’s the power of blogging and content marketing

Executive Summary

It’s natural and easier to get worried about the possible and convenient mistakes you can commit in your business, than to never get started at all fearing the failure. Because that’s the only possible way to check your failure and success. Starting a business is little risky, but it takes hustle, brains, guts and hard work to pull it off! 

If you want to ensure that you’ll succeed in your business, is not to be afraid of mistakes and failures. Mistakes are a part of every process, regardless of the circumstance and work. So, jump right away, you’re not alone in here, and get your online business going! 

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