SES 107: Why Blogging is becoming so popular these days?

As per the very definition, a Blog is web published article on the net on a particular subject or topic. A blog may contain elements like images, texts, video clips, embedded links – all combined in the form of a specific theme for visual appeal for the readers.

There are a number of niches or categories of blogs and blogging is becoming more and more popular these days. Every blog that you come across online everyday maybe published for various reasons. Some bloggers publish their blogs just to share their knowledge, some write blogs as a hobby, while some blogs are written and published purely for money (business). 

There’s no hard and fast rule as to why people blog. So, today I’m going to break it down why blogging is gaining so much popularity these days and why you should start blogging for your career or business.

1. Share Knowledge & Opinions

One of the best tools to share knowledge and opinion, news, experiences or thoughts is – a Blog. Anyone and everyone has free access to share their viewpoints and knowledge in blogs.

2. Help Others with Your Knowledge

Blogging can be helpful to people in various ways. Whatever niche you choose to write your blog on – food, travel, business, gaming or even home gardening, the blogs can be helpful to people reading it online.

So, writing about your experiences or sharing your expertise and knowledge can be helpful to others. Some of the most common ways to blogs that you’d find online for helping others are – how-to-videos, tutorials, tips & tricks, travels & tours, trips, strategies. Thus, blogging is considered a great method to help other people/users online.

3. Becoming an Expert

Did you know that by blogging you can become an expert at a particular niche? Blogging has now become a powerful tool to identify the bloggers as experts in that particular field. Blogging can give you that online platform to become consistent at one or two niches of your choice as per your skills and experience, and thus, can become an expert at the expertise.

4. Blog – A Fantastic SEO Tool

For online marketers and business owners, blog is considered an excellent tool for Search Engine Optimization, for search engines like Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Thus, businesses these days, prefer blogs for their business to drive traffic to their website. Also, blogs are considered a great way to drive audience to your business and to your blog/website.

5. Tool for Advertising/Promotion

One of the easiest forms of advertising and promotion of products and services is Blogging. So, business owners use blogs to advertise and promote their products and services in the form of blogs.

If you’re running an online store and want to expand your store, then blog is an awesome way to achieve that. Since, blogs can help you generate leads and traffic to your content or website. So, thus SEO will help them convert into leads and potential sales of your products and services.

6. Medium to Connect with People

Besides other numerous advantages, blogs are considered a great platform for people to connect. If you want to share some advice, experiences, skills and opinions with other like-minded people, then blogs are the way to go. Thus, a blog helps people of same opinion and knowledge connect with one another on the same platform.

7. Money Blogging

Blogs have become a superb tool to generate money from online ads. It’s always considered a significant potential, you can monetize your blog with the help of Ads, sponsored ads, affiliate marketing and selling paid or sponsored products.


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