SES 106: How SAP is Supporting Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Since the past few weeks, the world is going through an unpredictable phase. SAP serves almost all major business discipline covering from Oil & Gas, to Fashion, to Pharmacy to IT, and to Banking and Healthcare. That being said, SAP has customers and partners all across the world. Many of them have been affected and taking it slow than usual by working from home keeping their health on check, thereby taking a step towards containing the virus.

Being in this position today, I’m grateful yet my thoughts and wishes are with those affected, especially my team (in the US). Also, I want to express my deepest appreciation to all the health workers globally for their efforts and constant front-line work.

While in such difficult times, SAP has provided access to various modules and technologies in order to support businesses globally, so that the clients and customers can work from home during the challenging fight against COVID-19.

Did you know that SAP has been the synonymous for all the mission critical business operations? Over the years, SAP has ensured to secure the business in order to secure the customers. In times like COVID-19 pandemic, majorly all departments (Cloud, Delivery, Support & Business) have designed a business plans to specially respond to such situations.

With the advent of the Select SAP Software*, numerous businesses, employees, governments and customers, can now have the free access to a number of technologies and can work from home.

During this pandemic phase of COVID-19, where individuals, freelancers, customers, companies and employees choose to work remotely now from home and therefore, the giant organizations have nothing but to adjust in such scenario.

This environment is surely new for everyone out there. But are we prepared and safe to succeed in this new yet challenging environment? Amidst all the business disruption, comes the QUALTRICS REMOTE WORK PLUS, to understand what data employees need in order to work, help them stay productive and safe, and can give you time-to-time insights and tips to keep your team thriving from your home!

SAP has made the Remote Work Plus by Qualtrics free for everyone at the organization level. The tool helps by first understanding if you and your teams are prepared for a remote work-station or a remote work-space. The major function of this tool was to ensure that the employees are supported and safe so that they can succeed in this new environment.

Steps to get started with Remote Work Plus by Qualtrics

In disruptive times like this, it’s important to move forward and work remotely or from home and at the same time be safe and healthy. Thus, follow these step-by-step procedure to get started with this tool.

  • List out all your team member details, like their names and contact details.
  • The team members you list out are supposed to answer a few simple questions about their feelings.
  • Once you have your team members fill up their forms, you can now analyze the needs of your team to check if they face any challenges so that they have maximum productivity in a day.
  • Based on the employee feeling and data analysis, immediately give feedback and take appropriate to improve communication in the team to drive more one-on-one engagement and improve the well being of your team members.

Free Business Solutions by SAP

Since the start of the pandemic, SAP has given access to a couple of other free solutions, like:

  • COVID-19 Customers Confidence Plus: This was developed to understand your customer’s needs throughout this pandemic period and stay close to them. This free solution by Qualtrics XM helps individual companies and businesses keep a track of their customer’s needs and expectations and also records the feedback in real-time. This way you can maintain strong relationships with your customers and build your business community.
  • COVID-19 Pre-Screen Routing: This is a free useful tool (more like an educational tool), to give you regular and updated data about the Corona virus around the world. This free online solution can be used by any healthcare organization to provide up-to-date information and create reports on the same automatically.
  • Remote Educator Pulse: Because of the pandemic outbreak, almost all educational institutes are facing problems with the education of the students. So, it’s crucial to have remote learning platforms and programs. This resource tool helps institutions understand if the students and even teachers are well equipped to work remotely, and provide real-time training to teachers/faculty members and online learning and education to students.
  • Higher Ed Remote Learning Pulse: This is again a free resourceful tool to understand how equipped and prepared are the students for remote learning and identify areas where investment is required for learning. One can get useful insights from students for free using this tool and arrange a regular check-in to stay in touch with each student. One can also test how pre-defined and pre-designed remote learning programs are helping faculty members and later on, identify areas to work on and improve for both students and teachers.
  • COVID-19 Dynamic Call Center Script: To answer all the incoming questions and queries regarding the pandemic breakout, Qualtrics XM Solutions has developed the Dynamic Call Center Script, which is free for all local, state and federal governments, and even public health organizations. The tool gives the employees the in-built forms that can trigger incoming calls to the organization and give the callers the updated information about COVID-19.

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