SES 103: Tips for Better Work Life Balance

Do you sometimes find it tough to juggle between your work and home? Do you sometimes find it difficult balance your work life when you have to reach your targets and take care of everything at home, too?

Well, it is proven that working people are majorly afraid of the layoffs because of which they invest in too many hours at work and thus, find it difficult to find a work balance. This had led to people glue to their smart phones all the time, attending calls even when they’re not working.

If you’re one of those who finds it really tough to juggle between work and home and want to find a good and stable work life balance, then don’t worry. You’re not alone in there. I’ve been there too!

So, today I’m breaking down all those tips that I’ve learnt and mastered since last few years, in order to have a better work life balance, that you too can inculcate into your work life routine.

1. Plan Your Activities/Tasks

Think about all those activities and errands that you can outsource and automate. These activities and errands can be anything both personally and professionally that hold a little less importance than your everyday important tasks.

Planning and then scheduling your activities and everyday errands saves your time and you’ll find it worth it, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

2. Let Go of Unnecessary Tasks

There are a number of tasks that are unnecessary and they just take up your precious time everyday, in terms of activities and tasks that add absolutely no value to your life.

Having an unnecessary chit-chat session with your colleagues at work and spending a lot of your time gossiping is one of the best examples that many of us do that we need to let go.

Therefore, deliberately limiting your time on all those unnecessary tasks and daily activities which includes spending time on social media and taking personal calls, can enhance your work life. Let go of things, tasks that are less efficient and add no value to your life.

3. Plan Your Breaks

If you don’t seem to find enough time for your family besides work, try planning. Planning your week ahead in advance, can make it easy for you to spend time with your near and dear ones.

Planning not just your everyday tasks, but your breaks as well, can actually help you recharge and focus on work even more!

Being proactive about work and advance planning helps you with a better work life balance, as it gives you inner peace week by week, thereby giving your life a purpose and also a benchmark that you’d want to achieve every month.

4. Workout or Exercise

Did you know that exercise can help you things done? Believe it or not, but exercise can help you boost your energy levels and your power to focus on tasks.

This is the reason why it become necessary to take out some time to exercise, especially when you have a full-packed schedule or when you have a hectic work routine.

Most of us don’t realize it, but exercise gives you a boost physically and mentally, which in turn helps you feel good for the rest of the day, so that you focus on important errands for the day and achieve your targets.

Just a simple walk for an hour, or a regular gym workout can help you get your head clearer, so that you find a better work life balance.

5. Relax a Bit!

If you think just planning and making some changes to your everyday life, can help you with the right work life balance, then you’re mistaken.

Time-to-time bring in and include more and more tasks and activities to your everyday routine, like planning a holiday with family or taking your favorite piano class.

Even if you’re running busy, take out some “ME TIME” to recharge yourself and to relax. Book an appointment to a spa, or listen to some music to calm yourself, or read a mysterious story, or go for a long drive. Always remember, you must take out some little time to rejuvenate and revive yourself, in order to become a better person both professionally and personally at home.

You should focus on just the important things in life that you can control and give your full attention to these important things, instead of everything in life. Ask yourself, how are you bringing more happiness, satisfaction and joy into your life everyday? Even if you don’t have control over the work hours that you put in, you can still bring in a little work life balance to your work schedule everyday.

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