SES 99: Organic Traffic Versus Paid Traffic

Does paying for the Ads worth it? Is it worth the money and time? Which one is better – Paid Traffic or Organic Traffic? These are the common questions that we think of when it comes to the online search. But, fairly the decision to choose the traffic that comes organically and the paid traffic depends on stuff like marketing campaigns and budget, email list and audience behavior.

Both organic traffic and paid traffic have the same function – to get you traffic. Many businesses prefer the paid traffic because of the convenience and it doesn’t require much work. Only money is required for bringing in traffic to the company website.

While on the other hand, the organic method is way too inexpensive as it’s actually free. The only thing you invest here is your time. For good traffic, investing little money is definite, but organic and paid traffic methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The traffic generated from PPC (Pay Per Click) is not free, while the traffic generated from SEO is free. Usually, PPC ads are displayed first during any search or even on the sidebar of the webpage for the search query. Similarly, organic ads get displayed after the paid ads. Although factors like CPC (Cost Per Click), bids, search keywords, landing page keywords, targeted audience, snippet and focus keyphrase – all determine how ads are to be served and displayed on the internet.

Thus, today I’ve listed out some key points to consider when implementing the appropriate SEO/PPC balance for your business.

1. Business CPC

In order to implement PPC with SEO for your business/company, you should take into consideration the amount your company’s willing to spend for the ads. As the PPC platform works on bids instead of fixed rates, the marketers and advertising agents usually bid for what they’re willing to pay for a single keyword click.

For the paid ads, you can use Google Ads, for growing your business, showing customers what your business offers by setting a budget as per your business.

So, the more expensive the search keyword is, the more traffic your SEO drives to your business. To put it simply, if average CPC is high, work more on your SEO to drive the desired results. If not, then bid away.

2. The Budget

The budget becomes the top priority when you want to evaluate what to invest and how much to invert for the paid ads and marketing. If you have no budget, then working up the SEO is recommended.

If you have enough budget for paid ads towards your marketing campaigns, it’s worth giving it a try at the right time.

3. Quality Vs. Quantity

Do you want to build a lot of traffic over time and build relationship with your customers? Do you wish to drive more traffic to your website or blog? If yes, then the traditional SEO method should be your go-to hack!

Whether you choose SEO campaigns or PPC campaigns, your marketing campaigns and the results vary a little as per the the type of traffic both campaigns drive to your company’s website and bring lead to your business.

If you’re interested in product marketing, product sales and conversions, then you should definitely opt for the paid ads. Why? Because, 50% of the traffic coming from the paid ads are likely to buy your products, compare to the traffic coming organically. Thus, the conversions are likely to happen!

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