SES 94: Top 7 Platforms to Advertise and Sell Your E-Books That You Should Know

Do you know what is one of the best things you can do for yourself for a personal branding if you’re a writer, or a blogger, or running a business of your own? It’s publishing your E-book. Okay, I understand New York Times Bestseller is the biggest of all. But, you writing and publishing your first E-book or a paperback can transform into a real business too.

The extreme joy when you make your first sale is unbelievable. For those who have experienced this joy and made their first sales, they know the feeling. They know what I’m talking about.

I know how much time and energy goes into writing an E-book, especially when you write or develop it all by yourself from the scratch. If you’ve done so, good job. Pat yourself!

Right now, I’ve one E-book for sale on Amazon, via my blog. It’s actually more of a smart guide for online marketers, enthusiasts, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.

Till date, I’ve written over 27 E-books on various niches, out of which only got published this year and the rest are just resting on my computer. I’m very critical about the content I publish for the people to see and read.

Anyway, writing an e-book had never been easier than today. That’s the main reason why majorly all bloggers or entrepreneurs write and publish their E-books and growing their personal brand too. Giving away your e-book via your blog or website is one of the easiest ways to make your readers read your e-book. But what if you’re looking for ways to increase your sales? Luckily, there are a dozen of great platforms available today, where you can actually sell your e-books and make money out of it.

So, let’s get into the real deal here. You can choose whatever platform suits you best and start selling your e-book. Cheers!

Top 7 Platforms to Advertise and Sell Your E-Books


This platform is considered to be one of the popular platforms for selling an e-book or any digital product or a service. Fiverr has a number of features of other built-in tools that are useful for launching and selling your e-book via marketing campaigns.

Besides charging a $1 fee for every transaction, one of the highest paying benefits of selling your e-book on Fiverr is the popularity of the platform, which is why you making a sale is high compared to other platforms because of the traffic it gets.

2. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is one of the largest platforms for selling paperbacks and e-books. From the KDP, you can earn 30% or 70% royalty by selling your e-books.

Being the one of the populated platforms on the internet today, it’s the best platform for bloggers, writers, authors, entrepreneurs to write and sell their books. Another key feature of this platform that stands out is getting real verified feedback from the customer/buyers.


If you wish to host and sell your e-books, then Selz is the perfect place for you.

Apart from advertising and promotion tools, complete e-commerce package for the authors to promote and sell their e-books online, the platform is also suitable for entrepreneurs to quickly launch their business in any niche.


Blurb is a complete package for creating or writing books, advertising/promotion of books and is a good platform to sell digital books. It’s also a great platform to create your e-books if you’re a newbie and just starting out.

Using this platform, you can sell and distribute your digital books on Barnes & Noble Platform, Apple iBooks Store or Amazon. You can also get creative designs for your e-books and even for printed paperback version of your book and reach your target audience.

5. Google Play

If you’re looking to sell your e-books on Android platform, then this is the best place to advertise and sell your e-books and paperbacks.

Being the second largest platform on the internet with over 50 billion users, chances of making great sales from your e-books is absolute high, here.

Also, the on-boarding process is damn simple. All you gotta do is signup on Google Play, upload your file (e-book), define and save the rate of the e-book and begin advertising your e-book to the users.


With the help of the Payhip’s promotional tools, you can not only sell your e-books, but can also create and run advertising campaigns.

Another great feature about this platform is that you can create affiliates and other online marketers and bloggers or YouTubers who promote and sell your e-book, can earn themselves a commission, and you can earn too!

7. E-Junkie

This is by far one of the best platforms to sell any digital product that you have (e-books, music, software, video, art, cheat codes for games, gift card, etc).

Simply link your payment processor like Braintree or PayPal or Stripe, add your e-book details/codes or select files downloads, and copy-paste those links into your website or blog and social media channels and pages.

Thus, you can start selling your digital products on your website, blog, social networks, Whatsapp, Messenger, and pretty much everywhere on the internet.

There you have it folks all the best platforms that you should know and try out if you’ve already written and published an e-book or planning to write one. I hope you’ll find this blog helpful if you’re in learning all the possible platforms to advertise and sell your e-books and paperbacks, thereby increasing your book sales and make money out of it. If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog yet, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing, Passive Income and Business, every week (twice a week!). So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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