SES 92: The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but revenue sharing phenomena. If there’s a product that you wish to sell, you can giveaway an incentive to marketers or advertisers or simply people who can promote that product through an affiliate program. On the other hand, if you have no product to sell, then in that case you can promote or market someone else’s product, that according to you has a value and can provide you commissions.

And there’s no hard rule that you can’t do both. You can be a vendor (the one who creates or develops his own products and sells them) and an affiliate (the one who promote somebody’s products). You can actually sell your own products and promote someone else’s products or even affiliate your products, and make a good commission out of it.

You might have read in an article online or probably seen an Ad on Facebook or maybe a promotional video of someone becoming a millionaire in little time. There are many examples on the internet that prove affiliate marketing is a boon for marketers and learners.

We all want extra income. We want to make those extra dollars every week or probably every month to support our expenses. Some of us also know about Affiliate Marketing. And there are many ways to be successful as an affiliate. But not everyone succeeds. Some of us even give up after sometime.

Therefore, I’ve compiled the important steps damn necessary for Affiliate Marketing. So, if you wish to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer, keep reading.

  • Choose Your Niche: Choosing your niche is like the building foundation or the base for any business to grow long-term. Without niche, you won’t be able to make it too far. The more you focus your efforts on understanding one area, the better you will understand the needs of the customers in that area.
  • Build Your Platform: Creating or building a platform for yourself is utmost important because it gives you a medium of communication with your potential customers. You can buy your own domain from a number of web hosting sites online, in order to build your own platform.
  • Grow Your Audience: Attracting a huge audience means a pool of customers. So, attract and grow your audience to get a large pool of potential customers. You can use various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram to network, make connections, thereby building your audience.
  • Promote the Products: Being an affiliate, you’ll promote someone else’s products online. You can start promoting a product or a list of your products, once you have successfully built the platform or a medium and have a huge pool of potential customers. Start promoting products as per your niche. You can even promote other products too, on your platform, which don’t fall under your niche category.

You might have heard of Affiliate Marketing and might know how freelance bloggers and marketers are becoming successful being an affiliate. Some are still confused how to approach and what options to consider before starting out as an affiliate. I know the feeling, that’s why now I’ll show you the proven ways for Affiliate Marketing. So, if you want to go that extra mile and make those extra dollars, keep reading.

  • Once you have the solid foundation of Affiliate Marketing, start promoting high-quality products that you personally find interesting and you’d consider purchasing yourself.
  • If you’re using ClickBank, take advantage of the tools and tips that vendors offer on the Affiliates pages of their websites.
  • Don’t forget to do your homework. Dedicate enough time on researching various promotional techniques and strategies that can help you succeed as an affiliate.
  • Keep a track of your promotions via tracking IDs, tracking pixels and Google Analytics.
  • Change or adjust your promotions as per your past performance and sales. You can keep changing and adjusting as per your choice.
  • Don’t forget to set your payment details correct on whichever platform that you use. Because after promoting the products, you might not get enough time to set up your payment details. And after your first sale, your commissions will start flowing in. Thus, you don’t want to lose a penny of it.
  • Finally, keep networking. Make connections in your niche, who are affiliate marketers like you and who sell the same niche products of others like you. Keeping in touch with them, will help you avoid the mistakes that they might have done in the past.

People have a myth that only experienced or professionals do online marketing and make a full-time income out of it. But, that’s not always true. You will find many free video tutorials online showing you the complete procedure in Online Marketing. Some of us may have tried and tested those tutorials too. But somehow nothing worked out. Many of us know the idea, the basic concept of Online Marketing, but don’t know how to go about it. That’s the very reason why I developed this project called, Affiliates Marketing Business where, I talk about all the strategies and the common mistakes, advertisers usually make.

I’m in the process of developing the project and partnering with a few successful marketers and it will be out soon. So, one can join the (16-week) program on Online Marketing and implement the lessons, the hacks and the secrets delivered to you during the project. I even conduct one-one-one live Q/A session to clear out all the queries or doubts that you might have. Things like Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, make all the struggle, all the learning and most importantly the investment, worth it!

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