SES 91: My 10 Hour/Day Work Routine as the Founder

Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you like working for yourself? Well, I do. To begin with, I started my online business about a year ago, but the funding and planning commenced almost 3 years ago. Why did I plan my own online business back then, even though I was working for a client 9-5? To be honest, I was always fascinated by the idea of Entrepreneurship and I always wanted to work for myself.

Also, I’ve always learnt a lot about business and management myself, which pushed me even more to start my own business.

I didn’t start my online business purely to make money, but because of the fact that I was damn interested in the strategies and planning of how money is made. This is the top most reason why I started my business. And having to do what you love, really makes you happy.

I surely love what I do and I believe I’m good at it. The Engineering Mathematics mixed with the SAP Technology and Business Management – that was one of dream plans for my online business, that I’ve built over the last 2 years and which I get to live everyday now. Why I do what I do? I rightly love what I do and so much so, that I can go on working for 6 or 8 or even 12 hours a day (sometimes). But most of the times, I limit myself to working about 10 hours/day.

So, let’s get into the work routine and I think it’s really cool! I work 10 hours a day, but I’m always done with work by 6 hours or sometimes 7 hours. Although I work for 10 hours/day, but I can actually run my business in just about 6-8 hours every day. Wondering, how? Well, I’ve always believed in planning and I like to prioritize my work in order to get things done. Which is why, I always prepare and schedule everything in advance. Talking about the preparation, I usually end up working extra mile to run my business for a month or so. Thus, even if I don’t work, I don’t show up for meetings and conferences with the team, my business still runs perfect and smooth because of the planning I do in advance.

Then why do I put in those extra hours every day when I can run my business successfully in just 6 hours/day? Well, that’s solely because I love what I do so damn much, that I’m motivated every day to work in continuously improving and growing my online business.

Now, let’s break down my 10 hour/day work routine, in order to growing my business. This is my actual routine every week. And to give you some context, I run an online business that provides SAP solutions worldwide to our clients, business consultations and guidance in online marketing and passive income. We’re on track to hit $100,000 revenue by next quarter (which is not even 12 months of launching). Also, I’ve a support team of 41 professionals, who work for me in running my business and who put in about 30 hours/week. So, let’s get into it!

1. Planning

The first 30 minutes of every day, I spend on the planning. Why do I emphasize on planning that much? In order to be efficient at what I do, optimize my revenue, and reach my goals weeks after weeks, I prefer planning. To maximize the profits and to capitalize everything effectively, I plan out everything every single day.

What I should focus on for that day? What should I put on top priority in terms of business for that day? And what things to prepare for the next day – this all falls under Planning. Every day planning in the first 30 minutes in the morning consists of my top-priority tasks for the day, and the Important things for the day such as things that will impact the business effectively and efficiently for a long run, as planned. I use mainly 2 softwares for business management and planning, which I use for the first 30 minutes of everyday. Sometimes, it consists of planning an event, a giveaway, a content to be created, or a meeting with a client. The software helps me assign tasks to myself and to the team, and keep a check on the tasks to be completed for the day. Also, sometimes I re-schedule other tasks to different days in the week, using the software. After I’m done planning the tasks for the day, I move to the next stage.

2. Content Creation

Content creation is not always the YouTube content, but any form of content creation. Some days I shoot tutorials and lessons for my community members, while on some days I shoot videos for the online programs/courses. Some days I create content for social media, while on other days, I write blogs for the main channel.

The creation of content differs from day to day, but content creation is one thing that gives maximum impact to the business and it’s growth. The more quality content I create with my team, the more prospects and customers the business attracts, and the more people or visitors will be impacted from the content! Every day I spend about 4 hours on content creation.

3. Emails

Most people don’t like it because it takes a lot of your precious time. And I get it why many people want to get it off the plate. That’s why I spend about 30 minutes or so on writing emails to clients, customers, scheduling the business emails on loop, answering the emails to my team back and forth. It’s not that long, but I still prefer emails to connect with clients, customer base and other businesses.

4. Administration

Supporting and managing my team is the next important task for the day. All tasks like – logging into server, writing and running programs myself, saving the projects in the project manager, responding to messages/alerts from my team, answer their queries (if any), transferring files they might need, and doing all sorts of administration work, takes about 3 hours every day.

I try to give it easy to my team who work and help me in growing my online business. I work 3 hours/day giving them the support they need and just making their work little easier in running the business. I give equal responsibilities and aspects of the business to my team members as much as I can, but being my brainchild, I’ve always had a habit of doing everything on my own. Sometimes, I finish almost everything on the platter, that my team doesn’t have to work at all. There are some aspects of the business that I run better, and that only I know, since I’ve ran it all by myself in the beginning. But keeping all that in mind, as the business continues to evolve, I’m now able to hand over and assign the tasks to my team.

5. Miscellaneous Tasks

By now, I’ve spent almost 8 hours of my routine. So, in the second half of the day, I focus on the other projects and miscellaneous tasks for about an hour. Things that are not so important for the day (for the moment), but will be helpful in the near future. These tasks are usually small pieces of a puzzle, which are important for the long run. For me, miscellaneous tasks also cover the upcoming deals/meeting and projects with the new clients. I don’t personally intend to spend my time on such random and miscellaneous things/tasks for the business, but there’s no escape, right? It’s either me or a team member who handles these tasks.

6. Advance Preparation

This is the final stage of my everyday work routine, and probably the significant one too. I always like to keep updated, which is why I prepare everything in advance. Starting from content creation, giveaways, free E-books, market research, SAP server extension and add-ons, generating new leads, prepping for the future blogs, and so much more. This is what I do in the last hour of my day, in terms of preparing everything in advance.

There you have it folks! That’s my everyday 10 hour/day work routine in order to maintain my online business thriving and healthy.

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