SES 89: #5 Best Marketing Tips to Rank Higher on Google Search

Do you know what a Nightmare is? A nightmare is seeing your blog or website on the bottom pages of the Google search, now matter how much work you put in!

You might have been in a situation when you put efforts but nothing worked. Despite improving your marketing game, your website still doesn’t make it to the top search results. How I know it? Because I’ve been there and thus, I can relate to it.

So, today I’ll break down this simple procedure and give away the 5 best marketing tips to rank higher on Google search.

1. Check Your SEO

In order to rank higher on Google search, you should begin with your SEO for your content. Check and work on your SEO and make your SEO game strong, to attract more traffic to your website.

If you have enough marketing talent in the staff, you can look for help from other companies. There are many tools (free & paid) to give you SEO-optimized website and expert finish to your brand online.

2. Drive Customers using Google My Business

There are a number of Google products for the users to make life easier. From Google Maps to Keep, to Google Ads and to AdSense. One of the best products of Google, especially for websites and small businesses, is the Google My Business.

With the help of Google My Business, your customers can find your office/shop/business online on maps and search results. Google lets you create a profile for your business for free, using which you can post offers to drive more and more traffic to your website or physical business. Also, the customers have the freedom to call/message and connect with your directly and can also leave good reviews/testimonials for your business.

3. Search for Most Searched Keywords

Keywords really help in understanding what customers are looking for or searching online. You can use any tool available online for searching the top searched keywords by the users on Google. And once you have all the possible keywords relevant to your website/business, then you can optimize your website accordingly with those keywords.

Some of the best tools for keywords search are Alexa, SpyFu, SimilarWeb, Google Trends and SEMRush. If you wish to read in-depth about all the tools and platforms that are sure shot guaranteed to get good results, then check out this book by CLICKING HERE.

4. Optimize Your Website

Simply optimizing your blog or website won’t help in ranking higher on Google searches. But, optimizing your website according to the improved SEO, will help you drive more traffic to your website and help in ranking high.

Make sure your website has updated information. Also, make it a habit to post regularly. It could be a social media post, an offer, or a blog. Consistency always goes a long way!

5. Create Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that mobile-optimized websites are ranked higher by Google than those website that are not designed for mobile devices. Thus, in order to rank higher in the Google search results, create your website mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages helps in making your website content mobile-friendly, thereby improving the website’s ranking in Google search.

Keep a check on the keywords you use for marketing. They play important role to attract customers. For example, if you’re selling a product that reduces belly fat, and just so you know, people have become millionaires in this particular niche! 😊

Let’s say you use keywords like, “fat” or “belly fat” or “kill fat”. This won’t help, honestly. Platforms like Google Trends and KWFinder display a whole list of possible keywords in any niche trending in the market, with the number of searched keywords, users from various demographics and the number of views for each page. This can be helpful if you’re not sure which keywords to use and want to check the right ones before creating your sales page. This way, you can make sure that your keyword and SEO is on point!

Use keywords in your blog that are easily searched and commonly used on the internet. Your SEO is directly proportional to the visibility of the blogs you write. Thus, more blogs improve and increase your SEO. Check the titles (headings) of your blogs and keywords on your blog, so that it ends on top of the search result, when someone searches your website or simply a related topic.

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