SES 88: My Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

Majorly, all the firms and companies are already using traditional marketing strategies for their businesses for the purposes like manufacturing, product selling, advertising, etc. In order to sustain in this business and in the market, many spend thousands of dollars in hiring marketing talent. Thus, marketing plays an important role in every business, irrespective of their revenue, size and nature of business. We all have heard different definitions of Marketing.

Online Marketing is all about strategies or methods and tools to advertise or promote services and products on internet. Since, there are many marketing channels available today, online marketing is more effective and has a wider range than traditional marketing. Online Marketing is also known as Digital Marketing or Web Marketing or Internet Marketing or even Search Engine Marketing. Some of the key advantages an Online Marketer can have, are:

  • Advanced Communication
  • Competitive Benefit
  • Potential Growth
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Better Control of the Business
  • Lesser Expenses

Strategies for Online Marketing

Now that you’ve learnt about online marketing, let’s get into the strategies (hacks) for Online Marketing.

1. Know Your Customer’s Needs & Requirements

In order to make huge number of sales, marketers and individuals usually end up selling the products at a price, lower than its worth. This is the main reason why many businesses do not survive for long, by selling the products at a cheaper rate. Don’t worry if the customer thinks that your product’s rate is too high and he can’t afford it. Majorly, 90% of the customers and prospects react and take action to the marketing campaigns in the customized and personalized emails sent by the marketers. Thus, one would have a better shot at getting those potential sales and earning great market share in their niche, via these personalized email campaigns.

With the customer’s contact details and personal information, marketers think they have the required data to run a successful business. But what they don’t understand is that they lack web analytics, behavioral data and past purchases of the customer. No access to this information means poor campaign, and thus, poor online marketing business. Thus, keep your business flexible and keep your marketing hacks clear and flexible, in order to know what your customers are like and what they want.

It is of immense importance to understand the customers and their needs and requirements. Because the more you understand it, the more you can create high-quality products and services to satisfy the customers and even attract potential prospects. By taking notes on this one, you can actually get an extra edge over other competitors in the niche. The foundation of any business’s success is the customer. One of the foremost and supreme goals of your marketing methods should be to identify the needs and wants of your customer. To achieve long-term goal in your business, you must take customer importance seriously at all the stages of marketing.

2. Get Your Data on Point!

The study of data analysis and survey charts on consumers and customers, may sound little vague and boring initially. Knowing what the customer needs, what he thinks, what he says about your services to others, his behavioral pattern in terms of purchasing products, say a lot about your success. So, if you get as much as data as you can, you’re making sure that the business won’t fail, as customers keep coming back to those users/individuals and marketers, who listen to them and remember their needs and opinions for future use too.

Keep a check on the keywords you use for marketing. They play important role to attract customers. Platforms like Google Trends and KWFinder display a whole list of possible keywords in any niche trending in the market, with the number of searched keywords, users from various demographics and the number of views for each page. Obviously, data is the King and data analytics is a game changer for the marketers! Data analytics can predict the need for inventory and can also prevent the business to run out of stock. Yes, that’s the power of data analytics in today’s digital economy. The more data you have to determine behavior of your target audience, the better!

  • With the Data Analysis, you can do the following: With the data charts, you can get to know which campaign of your business did better than other campaigns and remove the errors to build better marketing campaigns.
  • The more you analyze the market data, the more you understand the current market better. Keep a track on the strategies that are working absolutely fine.
  • Data analysis gives you an approximate idea of the future market. You can forecast or predict your brand’s future based on the data charts.

3. Choose Your Niche Wisely

Once, you choose a niche, you can start the campaign right away for the target audience of that niche. Every niche (Education, E-Marketing, Travel, Garden, Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Health) isn’t limited to one or two things; it can go way beyond its definition, in some cases. And as you go deeper into a niche, you’ll be able to build potential for response and engagement during your campaign period.

Choosing niche is considered to be one of the first and foremost steps to becoming a successful online marketing business. Whatever niche you choose, that will become your industry and specialization for the years to come. Choosing a niche helps you focus on one particular field for particular audience, who are likely to buy the products. Thus, your efforts will be focused and will be more effective compared to other businesses with more than one single niche. Although, you can switch over to another niche if the current niche is exhausted and has served hundreds and thousands of consumers already. Many users have become millionaires with just one niche for the longest time. Why holding on to one niche is advised, because with time, you can master and become an expert in that particular field. Thus, you’ll be able to deliver quality products more compared to your competitors in the market. This way, you’ll also gain trust from consumers, as they’ll know you as someone who’s specialized in that particular niche. Concentrating on one niche by default, creates a tower of trust, which eventually ensures that your customers will keep buying from you.   

Picking a niche is just like a game. If you compete with everyone out there, obviously the probability of you winning is less. You might win nothing. However, if you choose one particular topic (niche), you can concentrate all your efforts, energy and time on one expertise and stand out in the market. Thus, choosing a niche makes it effortless to start and run a business, as all your effort and energy is focused in one direction. Just so you know, by working on a niche and building products and services on a specific niche, can leverage your expertise in that area and distinguish your business from others. Enhanced customer relationships, visibility increase in market, less competition and honed expertise are some of the advantages of picking a niche and building your brand around it.

4. Start Blogging

No matter what your niche is, no matter what your budget is, it’s advisable to write a blog on the same. These days, you’ll find a number of online marketers and content developers monetizing their blogs or websites. And trust me, it is a smart move as it keeps your business on check. There’s a huge need for the good content on the internet. Creating a blog or a website, writing posts or articles and maintaining it sounds like time-consuming and tedious thing. But, long-term this habit of continuous blogging, will pay off everything.

Blogging is the prime part of the online marketing hack. Many people ignore it at first, but then eventually have to start blogging for their businesses. If you’re running a supreme MNC, or a small startup, or even just thinking to start one in near future, I suggest you better start blogging now. Because 3-4 years from now, you’ll be thankful that you started blogging and maintained one. A high-quality blog that you write on a specific niche of your business, can get you views and leads. If you get 1000 views on one of your blogs on a particular topic, there’s a probability of getting a minimum of 10 leads out of it, which can pay you 10 sales. Sounds interesting, right? Well, more regular blogs mean more chances of leads. You may not get leads instantly, but the time and energy you invest for your blogs today, can convert into hundreds of views and leads in the future.

A blog provides a two-way communication with the customers, which helps in developing the relationship even further. The readers or visitors can leave comments on your blogs which you can reply to and understand their views and have a personal connect with them. You should dig deeper and deeper into your specialty and expand your knowledge. Because the more you learn, the more you’ll be able to share it with your audience.

Did you know blogging is a great way to collect emails? That’s right. This is probably the easiest way to collect emails from blogging, where you can drive the traffic to the website and use a squeeze page to capture visitor’s emails. That’s the very job of a blog. Moreover, a blog makes you look professional, as a blog adds exceptionally well to your credibility. You can even send the traffic to your current or best offers that you want to promote. Thus, this not only builds and generates the organic traffic, but also provides good conversion rates over other businesses.


Benefits of Online Marketing

Today, the world literally revolves around internet. It has become the center of attraction. From online marketing, a user not only is able to use modern tools and platforms for growing customer base and leads generation, but also optimize their profits and his business name (brand name). Most of them are progressing in their own niche very aggressively. Obviously, there’s always a competition where we all want to be successful and Online Marketing has let them expand their businesses as each one has mastered their respective niches over the years. Let’s understand some of the benefits of Online Marketing.

  • Low Operational Cost – One of the main advantages of online marketing is less operational cost. One can advertise or market anything and everything at a cheaper rate using digital marketing than with old school traditional marketing methods like press printing, radio, etc.
  • 24X7 Work, work, work – Did you know that you could handle millions of customers simultaneously? The customers can buy your products or services whenever and wherever from any device, thereby running your business 24X7, on the clock!
  • Information/Data Collection – Let’s say you buy some products and a customer has bought one of them. So, the data is saved while the customer makes a purchase to analyze and check which products are bought frequently. On the basis of their interests, you can send them campaigns and promotional stuff.
  • Expandable Reach – With online marketing or digital marketing, businesses are able to reach huge audience base, as the marketers are able to market their brands or products and services to the consumers globally.
  • Track Your Actions – Digital marketing comes with unique feature of tracking results. With the help of tools like Google Analytics and Doppler, you can optimize the results of your running campaigns, by which you can measure the efficiency of your marketing.
  • Better Customer Relationship – Being a marketer, you can collect emails and contact details of your potential buyers and can reach out to them whenever a new product is launched. You can give them any valuable items like short video tutorials, gift coupons for your products and services.


I hope you’ll find this blog helpful if you’re interested in learning online marketing and the ways to start online marketing for your venture or business, or simply if you want to advertise or promote anything on the internet. Do share this blog with your friends or family, who you think are planning to start their business in the near future and you think this article will be really helpful to them. If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog yet, I’d request you to do so, as we publish great content on SAP, Online Marketing and Business, twice a week! So, make sure you never miss an update from us.

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