SES 87: Damn Easy Businesses You Can Begin from your Smart Phone

Gone are those days when applying for a job used to take hours standing in a queue and literally submitting a copy of your resume to the HR person of the company. Even applying for a job or a business opportunity via online mode – from your PC (desktop) or laptop (notebook) is seeming to lessen.

Today, everyone owns a smart phone, which is a boon for the economy and development. Smart phones these days, are so well equipped and sophisticated that running a business has become so damn easy. Starting an online business doesn’t require one to have loads of heavy equipment or inventories. You can easily start your own business right from your smart phone, even if you don’t use a computer or don’t own one.

Thus, today I’m going to share all that your phone could do, and if worked smartly and efficiently, you can make the most of it just from your phone. So, let’s get into the pretty easiest businesses and business ideas that you can start right away from your smart phone. Shall we?

1. Writer

Do you too think writing or starting a career as a writer rightfully needs a computer? Think once again! Yes, today many mobile applications provide platforms for blogging like WordPress and Tumblr. Smart phones are in-built with tools required to rectify your errors, manage your day-to-day work/activities and offer a medium to share your Blogs to the world and to your followers.

2. Mobile App Developer

Mobile applications have increasingly popular, no matter what the OS platform. Thus, application development for smart phones is becoming popular too. You can build a mobile application for any platform, test it and run it, right from your smart phone.

This way, you can build and create your own apps for your business/firm that can be helpful to your customers and other users on the platform. You can even sell your app for a profit or even can build mobile apps for various companies or clients.

3. Consultant

This is the easiest one of all. Consultation means – providing and sharing your knowledge or expertise with the companies/client or people, if you are and expert or have an expertise in a certain field. Communicate with your clients for consultation right from your phone, arrange or schedule meetings and Skype calls, setup video conferences (if required) for the consultation – all this can be done from your phone. Some consultants even provide post-consultation support to their clients and stay in touch with them.

4. Social Media Marketer

Did you know social media platforms and other emerging social media applications offer a number of opportunities to marketers and freelance managers? Many social media companies hire marketers and freelancers to manage their official social media accounts on various platforms and provide them with good content for their products/services. If you like interacting with people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then you’d like working as a social media marketer or social media manager from your phone and become an influencer yourself by promoting brands to your followers and help clients get more potential customers.

5. Event Manager

A hell lot of organizational skills and planning is required when it comes to Parties and Weddings. If you work as an Event Manager/Planner, you can plan, design, arrange and schedule anything and everything from your phone, with the help of mobile apps. Also, running an event business from your phone will be a good idea as you can stay in touch with your clients and vendors via emails and calls.

6. Back Office Support/Remote Support

As a Remote Tech Support or Back-Office Support, you can provide tech support to a number of clients for a fixed rate or a hourly rate, where you can work from your phone wherever you are, follow up with the customers and clear their queries, giving them solutions they’re looking for and help them with their tech issues. All this can be done very conveniently from your smart phone.

7. Airbnb Host

Do you have an extra house or space in your house? Do you have an extra room that you want to rent out? If yes, then Airbnb is the solution what you need. Rent out the extra property and space in your apartment, by taking their pictures and create listings. Manage the rental process and follow up with your customers or paying guests from your phone!

8. Virtual Assistant

Every company or individual or even a business needs virtual assistance every now and then. I’ve had virtual assistance for about a year or so to take care of the extra work load from my plate, so that I can focus on things topping the priority list.

As a virtual assistant, you can work on pretty much anything and everything remotely, that depends totally on your client. It can be buying event tickets, looking up desired flight tickets, arranging business Skype calls, etc. As a VA, you get to work for your client on an hourly rate, plus do your own thing as well, since you’ll work remotely.

9. E-Commerce Seller

The number of E-Commerce users has increased drastically in the few years, because of the number of mobile applications. And using such user-friendly mobile applications, one can buy anything from groceries to electronics to apparels, from E-Commerce websites/apps. You can even setup your online business on any of the top E-Commerce sites to sell your own products.

10. Trainer/Coach

If you have ample of free time, then this option will be helpful to you. You can give out your services like training and coaching in a particular expertise or niche (relationship advice, health, business consultation) to the customers or clients/companies. You can even design a website for the same, where customers locally can book the services and get the benefit of your training or coaching. Again, all this is possible from a smart phone.

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