SES 85: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

With time, everything becomes perfect, or at least gets close to perfection. Similarly, if you’re a blogger, then with practice and time, your writing style will improve enormously. And reading your blogs, experienced people and marketers can very clearly see how far you’ve come and how much you have improved in your writing.

Once you have a decent experience of writing or blogging, then you can easily point out your faults. When you look back at your first few blogs, then you’d know what to avoid, what not to, and teach others (beginners) or who are just starting out. Wondering, how??

Well, personally I remember what all it took to start and launch a successful blog. Back then, I was not familiar with many systems, platforms and even good contacts or mentors to follow. So, I didn’t know any better!

Today, I collected and penned down some of the things I wish I knew, for you to avoid those mistakes. Thus, here are my top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging in 2015.

#1. Become Regular (more)

Honestly, back then I didn’t have dedicated time for blogging. I just used to write out the content whenever I got time and whenever I felt like writing. The blogs were not consistent back then, as I used to post once or twice a month. Since I didn’t post good content regularly, I started losing my followers and subscribers.

Cut to today – I plan and write out and schedule my blogs for an entire month in advance, and that too with consistency – I gotta say, things are way different now, compared to 2015.

#2. Don’t Lose Focus

For my past business, I used to write content, literally any piece of content whenever I got time. There was no timeline or schedule. Although my niche back then was – Pharmaceuticals and Fashion. But I never followed my niche, instead I used to write about anything and everything.

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt over the years of blogging, is to NEVER LOSE FOCUS. Concentrating on one niche has made me more clear-headed and strong with my choices and expertise.

#3. Patience is the Key

If you’re looking for fame, recognition or some status, won’t make you successful and you wouldn’t even start a blog. I remember only 24 people read my first few blogs back then, out of which 10 were my family. LOL!

Don’t expect overnight success in blogging. Building your personal brand and growing your blog massively, takes times time. So, it is advisable to be patient when you’re blogging, because patience goes hand-in-hand with consistency. Being dedicated and committed – is what I’ve learnt over the years.

#4. Write Guest Post for Other Bloggers

In the beginning, I was way too shy and conscious to approach other bloggers or businesses to write guest posts for their blogs.

Thus, now I’d recommend every blogger who’s starting out, to collaborate with other bloggers in your niche, actually in any niche for that matter, and write guest posts (good content) for them. The more the guest posts you write for others, the more recognition and the more you’ll grow your audience.

#5. Invite Guest Writers

Inviting guest bloggers and writers is equally important in order to grow your blog quickly. Try to find good writers who can contribute to your blog and bring in more subscribers/customers.

Many writers would love to write good content (in your niche) for your blog, which means you’d develop great professional relationship with your guest writers/contributors, also you’ll have more of your content published for the readers/visitors to check out.

#6. Capture Your Readers

When I first started writing blogs, I only used to think about the content I used to write. I never thought about my audience and the readers reading my blogs. This is the reason why I lost focus at the time and didn’t have the target set in terms of blogging.

I’d suggest everyone to write captivating and engaging content to capture your reader’s attention. Having capturing and engaging blog posts will ensure that your readers will keep coming back to you (your website) for more content.

#7. Put Your Audience on Top Priority

I never kept my audience on the top most priority of my list, initially. I believed, as long as I wrote good content, I’d have new readers coming in, thus making my blog grow.

It doesn’t matter if you write blogs for fun or for money, or even for your passion. The audience is way too important, so you should always keep your audience and readers on top priority.

#8. Blog Design = Crucial!

There’s no hard in using the free templates for your blog designing. But, I’d recommend investing in your design. Many a times, the design template or how visually will look at the readers/visitors, tells a lot about your blog.

Get a nice decent paid version of a theme for your blog or website. Make sure whatever theme or design template you choose for your blogs is sleek and very easy to use, so that your readers will keep coming back to your blog.

#9. Make Money Blogging

I remember I used to blog just because I loved writing. I never thought I could make money from my blogs! I used to very little marketing for my blogs, in order to promote them and reach more and more people. This is one of the reasons why I couldn’t capture my readers.

Trust me, if you write blogs as your only job, you’d definitely be successful. HOW?? Blogging in your niche as a job, instead of a hobby or just passion can bring more collaborations and brand deals. This is how bloggers make money online.

#10. Keep Up The Momentum

Once you’re successful and you’ve been blogging for a while, you’d spend time thinking and planning other aspects and conditions that come with blogging. Like Sponsor Acceptance, Brand Deals, Giveaways, etc. These are secondary when it comes to growing your brand or business.

Always keep your blogs real and authentic. Think why you started blogging in the first place, what drove you here and what factors made you who you are today. Think of all these and then go about blogging and make sure your future blogs are inclined towards these pointers!

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