SES 83: Ideas to Create a Profitable Online Course

How to come up with good ideas for an online course? How to build ideas for a profitable online course? These are the two main questions we come across when we want to create our own online courses. You have knowledge on a certain topic/niche, and you wish to share it with the world, in the form of a digital course. But you don’t have an idea to create a course. Or maybe you don’t know if your idea for the online course will be profitable or not. Been there? Done that?

Thus, today in this blog I’ll be breaking down the essential stages in the online course creation process. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Idea Generation

To generate good ideas means to generate potential and profitable ideas. For creating courses online, you may already have a few ideas. If you want to be more specific, then you can think of the people/audience you want to create your online course for.

Sometimes, it may happen that you don’t have ideas for online courses. But, if you can’t come up with good ideas (or maybe any kind of ideas), then you should start reading good content (articles/blogs/tutorials), in order to get a couple of ideas.

2. Analysis of Ideas

Once you have got your idea, it is time to check the potential of the idea. Analyse if your idea can solve problems or issues of people, check from a customer’s/buyer’s perspective, if your online course idea can help them find a solution.

If just the idea is not enough, then think about the other relevant sub-topics that you can cover or that collectively can solve the problems of the buyers online, and that makes your course unique than other on the internet.

3. Test for Profitability

This is the last stage of the online course creation process. Here, take your course for a test drive. Yes, look for profitability in all aspects. As far as the marketing is concerned, test for profitability of your course idea. Does your course bring in good number of sales with the appropriate marketing? Will it make more and more profits marking a huge revenue in the market?

If your recommend your online course to someone, will that person buy it from your recommendation? Will that personal recommendation make you sales? Testing for profitability covers this aspect as well, especially if you want to check for the profits your course idea can bring in.

Thus, brainstorming your ideas again and again is really important to make sure that you have a profitable course idea. Narrow down your course idea and validate the idea. Lastly, simply refine your course topics for the same. So, this is how you end up making a huge profitable online course!

Search for a Course that’s already bringing in Revenue

If your a few courses that are running online for a while now. Then for your next online course, you should look for a particular course from that list that’s already making loads of money, more than others. Search for the one that’s already bringing in more revenue than others. If your course idea can solve problems of users or help them find solution to their issues, and if your narrow down a specific group of people (target audience) that’s ready to pay you for your course, then you can instantly validate your idea, since that will be your “ideal course” that brings in more revenue into your bank.

The After Effects

Once you’ve successfully launched your online course and it is doing good by making pretty good sales, then it’s time to sit back, and relax! No, that’s not true at all. Rather, you should keep in touch with your customers or your course buyers, and regularly survey them.

  • How did you find my course online (from which platform/website/blog directly?
  • How was your experience in learning that topics in your course? (Check if they want more topics to be covered)
  • What’s your one challenge you face with that particular topic? (Dig deep, I’m serious!)
  • Did my course solve that challenge/problem for you? (This is a brownie point for designing sales page!)
  • What are your go-to blogs/websites for reading on various stuff? What groups/forums/email channels are you subscribed to? (Get references, and above all – way to get new prospects.)

Thus, it is better to have an online course. And it is even better to have potential online course ideas. You can hone and narrow down your course ideas either by working on your passion – what you’re good at, and profit mark – what customers pay you for your courses.

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