SES 80: What’s the Workflow in SAP Fiori?

By Dictionary, a Workflow is a repetitive and orchestrated way of a business activity. It usually clubbed with a group of operations or activities of a person or a business structure or simply a process.

So, as the name suggests, a workflow is a flow of activities or operations in a proper defined sequence in exchange of some data and information. In practical scenarios, SAP Business Workflow is used for data exchange in the systems.

The SAP Business Workflow builds events whenever a document is updated, or deleted or created, and such events depict the action in the system. They also handle the work items on the basis of the workflow template defined.

Enterprise Scenario with Workflow

These days, many companies use more than one workflow engines as part of their landscape in order to automate their business processes. Some businesses even use Universal Work Lists (UWLs) to keep a track of their everyday operations. The Universal Work List also provides unified and centralized access to the open work of a user and the relevant information in the portal, and collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems in one list for one-stop access.

The end users should be trained and experienced enough to use types of workflow and work items for the business process. So, one of the challenges many industries or firms face is the insufficient knowledge and experience to interact with the work activities and workflow engines to automate their business processes.

That just sums up the basic fundamentals of the workflow in SAP Fiori and Universal Work Lists. Now, let’s dig deep. Shall we?

How to Add a Custom Workflow in SAP Fiori Approve Requests

With the SAP Fiori Approve Requests, you can add individual workflow tasks to approve them. Plus, you can even add custom workflow scenarios to approve the SAP Fiori requests. I’d recommend to go Live with the generic contents of Approve Requests, to make the whole approval process a lot easier. The user can develop a custom app or simply moderate or enhance the existing app, if UI screens and other additional features are required in the process.

These days, the SAP customers look for a unified inbox as per their requirement, where all the team members and users can manage work items and have access to these items from any location (even remote), with the best user experience on all of the devices. So, the productivity of the end users is increased while the complexity of the business gets reduced. One of the best solutions that meets all the kinds of work needs and requirements is the – My Inbox App of SAP Fiori.

How to Build Custom Workflows with My Inbox App?

First things first. How does the My Inbox App work? Well, My Inbox App is a Transaction Fiori App that processes workflow tasks from SAP Business Process Management (BPM), SAP Business Workflow or even third-party providers, on the basis of the decisions pre-defined in the backend server. SAP has out-of-the-box integration with SAP Business Workflow and SAP BPM.

With the My Inbox App, users can:

  • Add attachments and post comments.
  • Share the tasks through Emails or SAP Jam.
  • Filter and sort data displayed on the app.
  • Choose multiple requests for approval or rejection.

Prerequisites for Implementation

There are a couple of prerequisites that you should consider before you implement the My Inbox App. And the prerequisites are as follows:

  • If you have a server of SAP NetWeaver of 7.4 or higher, then get UIX01CA1 100 SP 05 (App Component) and IW_PGW 100 SP 07 for SAP Gateway.
  • For the backend server, get a SAP EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SPS 15 for the Business Process Management support.
  • If your frontend server is lower than SAP NetWeaver 7.4, then try to get SAP Gateway 2.0 SPS 10 and UI Add-on for SAP NetWeaver 7.30 SPS 10 or higher.
  • Just in case if your backend server is on a lower version than 7.4, then you must get the SAP Gateway Component of SAP IW BEP 200 SP 10 and install it on the server.
  • And lastly, make sure you have all the updates checked and installed before starting the implementation of the My Inbox App.


SAP Business Workflow is a cross-application tool that is used to automate various business processes to make the process simple and easy to execute. Usually, the workflow maps the business processes in the system and then puts them under the workflow system. The workflows can be used for anything from an approval process to little complex business processes.

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