SES 78: Get More Customers with SAP Customer Data Cloud

Did you know that you can grow your business to a wider range of audience and build customer relationships with the help of SAP Customers Data Cloud? For all the small-scale businesses and B2B businesses, it is a boon. If you’re planning to start a business soon, or are running one, and if you aren’t using SAP Customer Data Cloud to grow your audience network, then you’re really missing out on something big for your business!

First things, first. Let’s understand what’s SAP Customer Data Cloud and benefits of the same. We’ll also dig more into the product to understand how one can incorporate for their own B2B businesses.

SAP Customer Data Cloud helps in individual users and businesses attract and engage customers in a secure cloud environment from any kind of risks from third-parties, while making business processes more comprehensible with utmost clarity.

Features of SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • High-End Security: Stop worrying about your customer’s data and protect all the data yourself starting from identity properties or features, account and confidential data security, get protection DDoS attacks and data harvesting. In case of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions change to a secondary location to filter and direct malicious requests back to the primary data center.
  • Enhance Your Conversion Rates: With features like social login workflows to store customer data and intuitive user registration, SAP Customer Data Cloud makes it convenient and easy for users and B2B business owners to drive more and more customers and get them onboard ASAP for the next business deal or collaboration.
  • Top-Notch Authentication Model: SAP Customer Data Cloud is preferred by the huge number of businesses all over the world because of the features like Open ID Connect Data Federation Standards, password strong authentication options, and customized & better omni-channel plans with single sign-on.
  • Strong Customers Relationship & Trust: At every checkpoint where the customer’s permission is required, SAP Customer Data Cloud saves the customer’s consent choices and preferences and stores them in an audit-ready vault for up to 7 years.
  • Deployment for Cloud: Make your business fast and efficient by running business services on the top-notch shared cloud structure, thereby reducing IT expenses and improving security of data.
  • Powerful Data Management: SAP Customer Data Cloud stores permits and choices of the customers in the customer lifecycle via secured centralized data governance and orchestration.

You can register for the On-Demand Virtual Demo to learn and understand SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya can help you build trusted, direct digital relationships with customers based on transparency and personal data control.

  • Customer-Centric Control: Give your customers the customized preference center that allows them to exercise their data subject rights, precisely for data protection regulations, using SAP Customer Data Cloud.
  • Extra in-depth Insights: With SAP Customer Data Cloud, get spontaneous data analytics on your customers in order to have strong customer relationships and keep a check on your ad account while optimizing your marketing.
  • Business Simplification: Make your business simpler and clearer by preventing big IT complexities with policy-based control access and organizational management access. Using the product, you can even delete friction from user journeys with features like delegated administration, single sign-on and progressive profiling.

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