SES 77: How to Launch a Profitable Digital Product?

These days, selling digital products has become one of the top businesses for all kinds of freelancers, individuals, marketers, home makers, and students. This business of selling digital products has actually helped millions of people all over the world earn a stable passive income every month. Some even do it full-time after quitting their jobs and make this business as their sole income stream for life, since they’ve found success in their businesses.

A wide variety of platforms and tools available on the internet, it is now easy for anyone to build and sell their own digital products like E-books, Slideshow, Online Courses, How-to videos and even Video Tutorials. Even if you have a dedicated team for the product launch and marketing, but without proper planning, you won’t be able to get the success that your product is capable of bringing in. So, today I’ll break down the the key steps for a profitable digital product launch.

  • Product Quality: The first and foremost important thing for a profitable launch is to have a high-quality unique product that your customers would like to buy from you. Make sure to create a digital product that’s in-line with the issues faced by your customers and something which solves their problems. The digital product you create will be successful and profitable for you and your business, if it addresses and resolved problems of a large number of people. So, plan out your product accordingly, because building any product will not be useful as it won’t reach many people to generate you sales.
  • The Right Platform: There are a number of options available on the internet today, in terms of the platform for your digital products. But, choosing the right platform is very critical as it will get you maximum conversions, thus, maximum sales. Having a running blog or a website with a good number of subscribers in the email list, is proved to be really beneficial to get sales for your digital product. Selling your digital products gets easier if you have subscribers or target audience in the email lists. Also, make sure to design an attractive sales page or a sales funnel, in order to make it easy for the viewers or buyers to navigate and order your product right after the landing page (sales page).
  • Plan a Kickass Marketing Strategy: In the planning phase, this one’s highly important. Plan out a strategy that not just outlines your advertising or marketing strategies respective to various channels or networks, but also maximizes your chance of attracting a huge number of customers for your products. Build your own community of brands or startups working in your niche and understand their promotion strategies. Sharing your digital products with other brands or entrepreneurs might get you new buyers or customers. Another option for easy and quick marketing, is to join a group or a community on Facebook to advertise your digital products. People might not buy it in the first instant, but will surely share with their connections/friends or network, that will eventually boost your strategy even more.
  • Easy-Breezy Customer Relationship: Building a strong customer relationship is important for any kind of business. And so is creating an easy buying experience for the customers. Creating an attractive sales page is one thing, but it won’t help your business, if the sales page doesn’t provide an easy-breezy buying experience to the customers. Options like beautiful landing page to describe your digital product, easy & safe payment methods, speedy checkout and finally delivery and quality of the product – these all hold so much significance, since working on all of them can give you a profitable launch of your digital product.
  • Support: Your job isn’t done, once the customer buys the product and you deliver it to them. It even continues after the sale is made, which many businesses lack, because of which the customers switch to other businesses with customer support and feedback. Listening to the customer’s feedback, answering their questions (if any), and providing them some premium offers or deals – this is what the customers looks forward to and expects from sales. Thus, after sales support is also way too important.

The above pointers that I’ve described are the areas to must keep in mind, before creating a digital product, in order to have a crazy profitable launch. All of them make up for a successful product launch strategy, that’s required for a digital product launch.

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