SES 75: Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Did you know that you could quickly begin your SAP implementation and drive ROI by partnering with the industry experts or engineers and consultants all around the world, to support your SAP implementation? And did you know that you could do all that using SAP Cloud Platform Integration?

A service of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite that connects processes and data for diverse scenarios including application-to-application, business-to-business and business-to-government.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration, which was formerly called SAP HANA Cloud Integration, is a technology integration which is used for integration purposes of data and processes between SAP Cloud Apps and On-Premise Business Solutions. When it comes to changing your business in the most effective way possible, with the custom application development and support and guidance from industry experts – it all boils down to SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

Working with an SAP Customer or a Client can become little difficult, especially to keep the performance high and maintain it at that peak. Some SAP live projects do require constant support along with innovation hacks or strategies, embedded teams and self-service portals for help, every now and then.

Thus, SAP Cloud Platform Integration lets you concentrate on your customer relationships and business, by keeping all your data safe secure. So, you don’t have to worry about the information during and post the implementation.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration also comes with the amazing reliability on data security in either the cloud or on-premise. It also makes the cloud integration very simple and reliable for SAP cloud customers, by allowing out-of-the-box connection from cloud to on-premise solutions.

Prerequisites for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Make sure you have all the prerequisites before buying and running the SAP Cloud Platform Integration in to your system, in order to ensure smooth functioning. In order to get additional connection for SAP Cloud Platform Integration service you need to have SAP Cloud Platform Integration, DI edition or SAP Cloud Platform Integration, PI edition. Here, a connection refers to the association between two unique end points.

Advantages of SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Now, let’s dive into some of the advantages of SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

  • Quicker and Higher ROI: Once you’re either certified or trained in SAP Cloud Platform, you’ll not only be able to work with SAP customers globally, but you’ll also be able to run implementations on the SAP systems in a lesser time compared to other usual implementation methods.
  • High Flexibility with Low Costs: As a consultant or a developer, your whole and sole job in SAP Cloud Platform Integration will be to work with SAP customers and implement enterprise solutions or services and get higher and efficient performance with high flexibility. This even allows lower overall costs for a business.
  • Sharp your IT Skills: SAP Cloud Platform Integration allows the user to optimize business methods via data functions, thereby reducing the borrowing & integration costs and enhancing the cash flow in the business. Thus, as a user you can get good expertise in terms of spending on mainly IT skills and aspects of IT and the platform also totally removes the need to buy third-party software in the market.
  • Support for Business: With the help of SAP Cloud Platform Integration, one can rest assure for the business, as far as SAP HANA is concerned to integrate business processes.
  • Higher Productivity: The SAP Cloud Platform Integration comes with built-in higher productivity and better efficiency for operations.

Thus, SAP Cloud Platform Integration plays a crucial in SAP Businesses, since almost all of the SAP clients and customers support their on-premise and cloud setups. The professionals who are certified in SAP Cloud Platform Integration have better judgement than others which eventually becomes useful for decision-making process in the business.

You can now get SAP Cloud Platform Integration for your system. You can now synchronize all the data and applications safely and reliably with the help of the product integration content that’s included in the SAP Cloud Platform Integration license.

Now, buy the SAP Cloud Platform Integration licenses with as low as $385 license/month (taxes included at checkout) and connect all your cloud apps with other SAP and third-party apps in cloud and on-premise!

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