SES 73: Significance of a Landing Page in a Business

Did you know around 71% of all major B2B Businesses use Landing Pages to generate prospects or leads for their businesses? Landing page is damn important and has been a hot topic of discussion for businesses since few years now. Businesses using landing pages are proven to generate more business, and thus, more revenue!

For those newbies out there who don’t know what I’m talking about, a landing page is a web page designed by a developer or a business, in order to drive more traffic, get more number of sales, improve their SEO and therefore, build their brand even stronger in the market. A landing page is designed and developed in a way that it attracts customers or viewers and compels them to take action for your products or services. A landing page is different from the home page serving solely one purpose for the viewer or customer. It can be designed in a way that it gives the visitor some context for your products or services. For many businesses today, landing pages provide any kind of offer or a limited offer deal for your customers or buyers.

Is Landing Page Important? Why should I use one?

Designed a full-fledged website for your business? Good job! So now it’s time to convert those deals or offers into sales. If you’ve been thinking of a way to get those sales and hit those numbers in the revenue, then developing a landing page is highly recommended.

There’s a myth or a misunderstanding actually that designing landing pages take so much of time and are difficult to maintain. This is the major reason why not all the businesses use landing pages in their business. The whole and sole objective behind designing a landing page is to drive and send your viewers from home page or main content page, to the offer page, where they’re compelled or convinced to either purchase the services or products from your brand.

Not all types of landing pages get a great number of sales. Thus, here I’m breaking down the salient features or traits of a landing page. So, make sure if you design a landing page for your business, it serves the following.

Traits and Must-Haves for a Landing Page

  • Clear – Cut Content: The content of a landing page should always be on-point and very clear for the visitors and customers. The main motive behind developing one should be to get the customer what they’re looking for, so they come back for more. Usually, a landing page asks some contact details from the buyer or customer, like legal name, email address and contact number, filling which the buyer gets registered in the business for the specific deal or offer.
  • Get Target-Audience: With the help of customized marketing campaigns, you can concentrate on the customer base and target your audience who you think will buy the end product or services from you or your business. Thus, it is advisable to design a landing page for a specific product for a specific portion of audience, so that you get good number of leads from that particular campaign and landing page.
  • Offers live on Landing Pages: About 64% of the sales generate from the landing pages. So, design a landing page in such a way that it serves your target audience and also gets good sales too. Why does the sales of your offers or deals or limited – period coupons or courses depend on the landing page? Because the offers live on the landing pages, which is why those landing pages with clarity and driving force to turn visitors into buyers, have their offers on them. So, basically you can say a deal or an offer on your website lives on the landing page.
  • Gather Customer Info: The idea behind landing pages is not just to turn the visitors or viewers into buyers, but to gather information from them. The agenda behind gathering customer data is to know what the customer is looking for, why he clicked on the back links or your landing page and how he can turn into your loyal customer for your business long term.
  • Offers within Offer: Once a user click on your landing page, you can provide them with other offers and deals they’d be interested in, or you can ask them to sign up for your email list to receive regular updates about your products or services and your business, or simply drive them to your social media pages or accounts, in order to grow as a business.
  • Hey, say Thank You: Usually, all landing pages come with a ‘Thank You’ page for your customers and visitors. This page is followed right after the offer page. Thus, once the customer likes what you’re offering and buys the product or service from your brand, then he is directed to a ‘Thank You’ page. This is just a tiny gesture, but it shows that your business values the customers, plus a thank you page marks the end of the registration process.

Living in this digital economy and growing as a brand, every business must indulge in landing pages for their businesses, since it is not only beneficial for the customers, but also for the business. The motive behind a landing page is to convert visitors into buyers or customers, and it totally depends how a landing page is designed.

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