SES 71: How to Advertise Your Business on YouTube?

With the advent of online video streaming and video advertising, YouTube has drastically grown with above 4 billion videos watched daily on YouTube. If you run a business on your own, then you’d know how important it is to advertise your business and promote your services to your prospects and customers.

Some businesses say using YouTube didn’t do anything much greater for them. While I like to differ. If used regularly for promotion or advertising your business, YouTube can bring in so much into your business, because to begin with, its cost-effective. So, if you’re thinking to use YouTube as a part of your marketing strategy, then your business will flourish and reach more audience globally.

If you’re not confident and not sure how YouTube can help you in your business, then let me break down some of the unheard advantages and hacks of YouTube, using which you can get maximum success for your business.

  • Get on Google Search: Writing blogs about your niche or about the services your business offers and then creating YouTube videos about it too, can help you with the Google searches. HOW?? Well, in a Google search, the results show text/articles plus the related or relevant YouTube videos, which means creating business videos on YouTube and using the platform for your business, can actually help you get found in top Google search results. Also, using and incorporating different platforms can boost your business’s authority. Thus, higher the business authority, higher the chances of getting higher ranks of Google Searches.
  • Content is the King: Suppose you or your team has written and published many blogs on one of the niches of your business. With Youtube, you don’t need to create new content for the same topic or same niche subject. Rather, you can develop or create similar content using the content that you already have (blogs/website articles), in the form of a YouTube video. This way your business not only is able to reach the audience, but it also helps you prevent your precious time creating the same content. Speaking of content, you can recreate the same content for your podcasts, or slideshow presentations or even online courses.
  • Get Access to YouTube Traffic: Did you know that reaching your audience is a lot easier by creating YouTube videos and by running your own Ads on YouTube. YouTube is considered to be 3rd most visited website and 2nd biggest search engine. And this is one of the huge reasons why businesses should try YouTube too apart from other marketing strategies. Even if you’re not a native English speaker, still you can reach millions of users online for your business. I’d also suggest you to put email auto-responders, your featured product or service that your business offers, or other relevant videos on queue, so that the viewers also get a call-to-action in your videos. This drives them to take actions thereby helping in your business revenue.
  • Let Subscriber Promote: You might have across a couple of videos so far on YouTube with a person promoting about his course/product or simply his business, which helps them reach millions of users or customers at once, convincing them to buy their digital product, which increases their sales, and thus, the revenue. Therefore, if used properly and regularly, you can generate a number of leads and sales by promoting your products or services on YouTube. Even creating ads for the same can change the way you look at business in the right way. This way, you can actually allow your subscribers and other new viewers of your videos, to promote and advertise your products and even buy them from you.
  • Boost Revenue with Google AdSense: With the help of this simple tool, you can earn money by placing ads on your website. You can block, edit and choose what kind of ad suits your business requirements. Let’s understand how Google Adsense works. Select format of your ads and place them wherever you want them to be on the website. In a real-time auction, the advertisers bid for your ad space and so when your ads are clicked and viewed, you get paid. This is how you make money on Google AdSense. Choose to display text, rich media (images) in your ads to make sure you have your desired high-quality ad. You can even fix if something’s not functioning as required, right from your dashboard, which shows your ads performance metrics. Keep monitoring the performance on a regular basis to boost your revenue.

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