SES 69: How to Create an Analytical App Without SAP Smart Business Modeler?

Once you know how to create an Analytic Fiori App with SAP Smart Business Modeler, its easy to create once without the SAP Smart Business Modeler. Therefore, let’s break it down the whole process to create an Analytical App without SAP Smart Business Modeler.

  • In order to create an Analytical App without the SAP Smart Business Modeler, the first and foremost step is to activate the SAP UI5 application.
  • Once your SAP UI5 application is activated, you should assign SAP HANA role to a user, specifically a product-specific role), which will allow users to access KPI data. And post assigning the role, the user should be granted the access for the role sap.hba.apps.sfin.s.roles::fiori_sfin.
  • The nest step in the procedure to create an Analytical App without SAP Smart Business Modeler is to assign an app-specific PFCG role for the business catalog to the user. Once the app assignment is confirmed, the user will be able to access to the business catalog in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
  • The next step is to assign the business catalog role of SAP_SFIN_BCR__SALESMANAGER to an end user. Once the assignment is done, add your SAP Fiori Analytical App to the Launchpad.


Majorly, all the applications in the SAP Smart Business Modeler usually drill down from one app (Analytical) to another. But, the Sales Order Fulfillment application drills down from analytical to transactional app. It’s the only hybrid app that uses both SAP HANA XS and SAP Gateway, to send requests to backend server. Post the configuration of the Sales Order Fulfillment App, it gets added in the Fiori Launchpad as an analytical app tile. Therefore, whenever a user tries to open the app, transactional app will be opened. Thus, it is the only app that has analytical app tile and has properties of a transactional app, that’s why the hybrid app.

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