SES 64: How to Create an Analytical App with SAP Smart Business Modeler?

Did you know that Fiori Analytical Apps that use SAP Smart Business Modeler are usually launched via KPI tiles. Let’s understand that with an example. The app called, Day Sales Outstanding app, lets you filter with many parameters, and then check the app by customer country with the company code. You can refer to the online library of SAP Fiori Apps available, for your reference. So, let’s begin!

What is exactly SAP Smart Business Modeler?

The Smart Business Modeler comes as a part of the SAP Business Suite, which lets the user to model KPIs and report tiles regulating targeted monitoring of key business data with the help of Fiori Launchpad. You can also apply various evaluations in the SAP Smart Business Modeler. You can define reports and KPI tiles as well in the Modeler and also include add-ons like drilldown views accessible via KPI tile.

Steps to Create a KPI Tile

  • Log into the Fiori Launchpad and select CREATE KPI app under the KPI MODELER group.
  • On the next screen, fill in all the details that are mandatory:
  • Once you’re done, click NEXT.
  • When you provide all the information for all fields, click on ACTIVATE AND ADD EVALUATION.

Evaluation of a KPI is nothing but, the information about the KPI or report, that’s visible to user at runtime. It can be merge of thresholds, variants, trends, parameters and authorizations for the KPI. Now, let’s jump onto the steps for creating evaluations of KPI.

The SAP Web Dispatcher directs OData request from client to SAP HANA XS, when a user opens and opens an Analytical app from SAP Fiori Launchpad. Since, SAP HANA stores definitions of data and KPI, so make sure that the users are given appropriate access rights. Apart from generic roles assigned to users, SAP provides a role for each analytical app plus the app-specific rights or privileges. So, let’s get into the steps for the same.

Steps to provide role to a particular user in SAP HANA

  • Log into SAP HANA Studio and select SECURITY * USERS.
  • Now, click on user name and hit the + button to open GRANTED ROLES TAB.
  • Choose the desired evaluation and click on AUTHORIZE USERS AND ROLES. Although you can jump between roles and users by choosing their respective icons.
  • Now, choose USER or ROLE by clicking the checkbox. And hit SAVE.


If you cannot find the KPI Modeler group in the SAP Fiori Launchpad after you log into it, then maybe it is because you don’t have access. Grant User Access to KPI Modeler.

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