SES 63: Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s Class for Newbies

An Affiliate is a person who sells other people’s products and makes commission with every sale that he/she generates. You drive traffic/viewers to the sales page of the product and when someone whom you drove to the sales page, buys the product, you get a commission. It’s that simple!

Affiliate marketing is the profitable way to do business and generate loads of income online. There are many websites and blogs out there that inspire millions of people all around the world to help them make their commissions from affiliate marketing. Many online blogs provide the greats ways to earn passive income via affiliate marketing. So how does Affiliate Marketing actually work? It’s not rocket science, it’s that simple. My definition of Affiliate Marketing is as follows:

Internet Marketing wherein you refer an online (digital) product or a service to someone and when the user buys the product or service using your referral link, you make a commission for yourself! This commission can vary from $10 to $10,000 for each sale, on the basis of the product or service you advertise. Let me #BreakItDown the steps for Affiliate Marketing in a simple way for better understanding.

  • After vigorous research, join an affiliate program or course online.
  • Choose a product of your choice to advertise or market.
  • Share your unique affiliate link with your contacts in your network and on all social media platforms.
  • Lastly, you make a pretty good commission when someone buys the product you advertised, using your link.

Some of the genuine marketplaces for affiliate marketing and affiliate products are ClickBank, CJ Affiliates and ShareASale, that have over 140+ billion revenue generated in affiliate marketing. Many such platforms provide programs for both advertisers (affiliates) and publishers (vendors). So, you can make sales by promoting products and earn commissions by partnering with the brands. Payment also gets easy in affiliate marketing, unless other marketing options available in the market. PayPal makes it easy for you to accept payments on time, and carry out transactions whenever you want. You can even use Amazon Stripe or other tools for accepting the commissions. But, make sure you have the account ready before you join any affiliate program, so that you don’t miss your hard-earned payments.

Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s Class for Newbies by Dixita Galiyal

Here’s my step-by-step procedure to do affiliate marketing for beginners. Move forward with any one of the following:

  •  Write a blog and use it to advertise a product or service.
  •  Create a YouTube channel to market products or services.
  •  Buy paid traffic from Facebook to drive it to the Sales page or Landing page.

Once you have your blog finished, you can get started with affiliate marketing right away:

  • Pick an affiliate product or service as per your niche that you wish to advertise or market.
  • Your blog should be written in a way that it revolves around the marketed product or service, to drive traffic to your affiliate blog post. Take help from email marketing services to reach targeted customers (you can use any of the email marketing tools discussed in the previous chapters).
  • Develop automated-emails to drive sales funnels for your affiliate products and services. Automated-emails also save up much time, so that you can focus on other stuff!
  • Once you hit the target market and are able to reach buyers on one-on-one basis, repeat the process.

Still confused? Let’s break it down even further.

  • Online buyer decides to buy a product online.
  • He lands on the Affiliate Page.
  • He is then directed to the Merchant Page or Vendor website.
  • The buyer makes the purchase and the vendor gives you a reward to appreciate your effort and time.

It can’t get any simpler than this. Blogging requires absolutely zero investment from you and thus, you can learn pretty much everything on the topic. Parameters like time, effort, energy and dedication is all that’s needed for blogging or even for an online marketing business.

Sometimes, many products that you find online come with 30-120 days cookie time frame. Now what does that mean? Well, if suppose a visitor clicks your affiliate link and lands on the main sales page of the product, but doesn’t buy anything. However, if he visits the link or affiliate page in the next 30-120 days duration and buys the product, you still make a commission out of it.

Let’s understand Digital Marketing or Online Marketing with a real-world example. There’s a Webinar (let’s consider it a product) from one of the profound Online Marketers in the world. This Webinar is an online course on Affiliate Marketing and the product is his Course on the same. Thus, to learn more about Affiliate Marketing in real world and how it is done practically, you can enroll for this Course.

This Affiliate Training Course has given the world, it’s first four 7-figure marketers who are successful billionaires now. Sounds so cool, right? You could be next! The course is not complicated and as far as the syllabus and tutorials of the course go by, it has worked wonders for pretty much everyone in the world right now. This course has helped thousands of people to create a respectable side-income, some of which making 7-figure income every year and living their dreams!

Here are some of the successful students (now turned top entrepreneurs), after taking this Course.

This man created 7-figure income from this course. He says it changed his business and his life forever

This is another student, Ronnie who was successful from this course. He now travels the world with his partner.


To enroll for this course, there’s a FREE Webinar, in which you will learn how to generate commissions on promotion of an affiliate product and how to keep up the game to continue getting great results. Once enrolled for the free training, keep checking your email for notification on the live webinar. It’s that simple! I hope you get all the basic understanding of Online Marketing and I hope you implement all my hacks in your online marketing business.

This is a real affiliate link and by enrolling, you can learn and understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing, where can you get affiliate products to advertise and market and how to grow your audience. This free training doesn’t require any kind of experience. Someone who’s just a fresher, or a student or even a home-maker, is eligible to enroll for this free training. I’d recommend you to enroll for this training program and start seeing results. You might get your first commission on the second day post implementation, who knows?


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