SES 62: Simple Ways to Boost Blog Traffic

Great content on the internet doesn’t generate traffic like that. One needs to put more effort in making sure the content gets more and more readers than writing that content. One of the major challenges bloggers and writers face is to create unique content that’s not just different than others, but reaches maximum people all over the world.

You’re a blogger and you’ve written great content after hours of research work. You even share those blogs multiple times (maybe) on all social media networks. Honestly, you’ve left no stone unturned. But even after all that hard work, you still don’t get enough readers for your blog! And unfortunately, this has happened quite a few times now for a couple of your other blogs too. Disappointing, isn’t it? You feel like giving up. You tried everything you can find and learn on the internet, everything in your capacity, but you just don’t get enough traffic on your website or your blogs.

Technically as per my experiences, a right proportion of content quality + SEO, can get a hundreds of new readers every time. This is the reason why this blog comes into picture. I’ve compiled some of the hacks that I’ve used and implemented into my business, to drive traffic to my blogs. You might be doing this already, but if you haven’t, then I suggest you implement these for your blog to get more traffic.

  • Make Your Blog Strategic: As a blogger or a content developer, your sole job is to create better content, content that differs from others, and the one that gets more and more readers. By creating unique and great content for the visitors or readers, you even make your content or blog, strategic for the marketing. You should know the needs of your readers and visitors, and what they like, in order to create successful content. No matter what niche you pick, your blog should either be educational and beneficial. When you want to create a great content, think of all the niches you can write on or create content on, that maybe useful to people. Time is not the constraint in getting high traffic and blogging. Many bloggers get thousands of readers for their blogs even after 3 or 4 years from publishing. In order to find a topic or a title for your blog, you can simply search online, or simply use the keywords from those niche to find out what’s trending in the market. That way, you’ll have the topic for your next blog. Try Buzzsumo, to know what keywords or topics others are using and find keywords for your content as well. The content that’s creative, i.e., it’s filled with content, external links, relevant free downloads, resources, audio files, video and analytics, generally get number of shares and likes!
  • Awesome Titles/Headings: The key part of a blog is always an awesome title or a headline. So, make sure to create one so that it becomes irresistible for the visitors online and grand their attention. A great content with external links and video files won’t get much hits or views, if you don’t have a attention-grabbing headlines or title and sub-headings. You can hire some experienced professional for fantastic titles to your Blogs. Spending $10 on someone for catchy titles, can generate tonnes of views and visitors or readers on your blog or website, which in turn can boost your revenue too! Also, don’t hesitate to try out things for your business. If you don’t want to hire, and think of anything creative and catchy, you can keep one title and change it later maybe after a certain time. During the period, check your analytics for number of visitors, views, likes and shares. If you don’t see any progress, it’s time to change the title/heading again. You can continue doing this as many times as you like, till you find good results and you’re satisfied with it.

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  • Exhibit Your Blogs in Newsletter: Advertising plays a crucial role in every business. Once your blogs are finished, and they’re up and running, and you’ve shared it on social media channels too, then maybe it’s time to showcase them into your newsletters. Include your great content in the newsletter before sending it out to your clients or subscribers, which can drive even more traffic for your blogs. One of the ways you can drive traffic to your blog or website, is to build an email list for your Blog Newsletter. In the beginning, you may not have thousands of contacts. But, once you have over thousands of email contacts added to your list, you can send your weekly or monthly blog newsletters to your email list, bringing more number of visitors to your website. You can even showcase one of the featured blogs or something which is trending in the market, that people might be interested in. When people start getting enough knowledge or skills from your blogs, and when they’re interested in your niche, they might like the external links or even affiliate links relevant to them. With time, you email list will eventually become your customers and might even buy your digital products in future too, who knows!
  • Blog Optimization for Efficiency: Ever came across a website or a link to a blog that just takes forever to load? You feel like leaving right after 5 seconds, isn’t it? The readers and visitors won’t wait for your blogs to load. Trust me, you don’t want your readers to hit BACK button and leave your blog. Thus, in order to avoid this issue, you should check your website’s speed – how much does it take to load completely? How much time does the blogs take to load? There are a number of tools available online for better optimization of websites. PageSpeed Insights by Google, can be useful to analyze your website, tips to improve the optimization for better efficiency and so much more.
  • Keep Networking: Besides blogging, working on your online business, or a project, you should network too. This may not happen overnight. But, this step will help you long-term to drive traffic to your blogs. So, building and then maintaining strong relationships with other businesses in the same niche as yours, can really boost your blog traffic. You can Follow, Like, Share other blogger’s work and even write a guest post for them. You should even link your own blogs to help create a health relationship with other bloggers and businesses. This way, you can drive and boost a lot more traffic than you think.

Basic Traffic Sources & Categories

Moreover, you should know all the four main sources of your website or blog traffic, which are: Paid, Organic, Direct and Referral.

  1. Paid Traffic: This is the type of traffic you get from paid advertising campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and Bing Ads.
  2. Organic Traffic: This type of traffic from searching online (search engines), organically.
  3. Direct Traffic: This is a special category of traffic that comes directly on your blog or website by searching your name, or your brand’s name on Google or Yahoo.
  4. Referral Traffic: When someone mentions you or your business online, and your backlinks and affiliate links, that bring in traffic fall under this category. It could be from any social media or a third party website.

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