SES 59: Top SEO Marketing Tools

Since, technology landscape and marketing tools and their features are changing rapidly, it is crucial to keep yourself updated and familiar with the marketing models and online marketing strategies and hacks. We all understand online marketing or digital marketing or internet marketing. But it’s actually a huge investment to start your online business. The man is successful in this digital age, who takes full advantage of the internet and makes the best use of all the resources available to him.

Got any ideas for your next adventure? Planning any big holiday or vacation with family to some island? Or planning a world tour with your Whatever you wish for, no matter how big, or small, or stupid it may sound, but it is all possible with online marketing. Many small businesses and individual marketers and entrepreneurs still don’t know what marketing tools to use, what platforms to use for their small young businesses. How do you know if you’re investing your money in the right tool? Can you guarantee that the marketing platform you’re using will bring you huge revenue? Well, honestly in the beginning, we don’t know.

Many of us are still figuring it out. Usually, we do ‘hit-and-trial’ method to check if the tool and the platform is the right one for our business. This takes about a couple of months and about good amount of money, which in turn gets frustrating after a point of time.

Online marketing is sometimes referred as digital marketing. And needless to say, digital marketing i.e., online marketing is winning customer’s hearts. But there are many out there, who still are not getting it right. That’s because of the lack of awareness. Not everyone is aware of marketing and the power of online marketing.

Therefore, I’ve compiled some of the best SEO marketing tools that I’ve tested and used for my businesses over the last 8 years. Let’s go!

  • SpyFu: This one is useful if you want to check your competition. Just enter your competitor’s website URL (no matter what niche it is), and the tool will show up the best profitable keywords used by your competitors. This tool is used find new SEO and PPC options and it also provides you various backlinks so that you can plan your next marketing strategy.
  • Alexa: If you’re looking for analytical insights better than your competitors in the market and optimize your site, then this is the one. It shows you the benchmark of your site compared to other in the same niche.
  • Google PageSpeed: To get real-time analysis of your website speed, use Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Browseo: Ever thought of searching your own site through the lens of internet? Or through any search engine for that matter? Well, this tool just does that and lets you insert your website URL and will show you the complete hierarchy of elements in your site. The result you see will change every time you use it.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends is one of the products of Google and is a free tool that lets you search for keywords on the basis of volume and demographic conventions.
  • The tool shows you the complete list of best and commonly searched keywords, that is beneficial to target customers or audience for your particular niche.
  • SimilarWeb: Check whether your SEO is on point or not, with the help of this tool. This one can be used to compare two website URLs and their stats. This way, you can see what does your site lack.
  • Google Analytics (MosterInsights): This powerful tool is packed with a huge number of metrics and can be used to track important conversion options. If you have a WordPress Website, integrate it with Google Analytics by MonsterInsights, and get the stats you need
  • Siteliner: Find broken links, duplicate content and duplicate SEO with the help of this tool. Insert URL of a website and you’re good to go!
  • SEMRush: Use this tool to access SEO, content and marketing tools to be on top of the search results on all search engines, and up your SEO game. It also provides deep data analytics on commonly used keywords.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful and beneficial if you’re interested in marketing tools and platforms for SEO and if you want t o improve SEO for your online business.

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