SES 57: How to Improve YouTube Videos Ranking?

If you’re an Entrepreneur, or a Marketer, or an Influencer or a YouTuber, then you’d know how important it is to rank up your videos. It could be your personal vlog or your business channel. And in order to grow your brand or your label, you just don’t want your videos to rank up high, but you also want your videos to show up in the “Suggested” section. In the suggested section on the side, YouTube suggests you top searched videos related to your search based on the rankings.

Ever wondered how to get hundreds or thousands of views on your YouTube videos? Ever tried different methods to get maximum attention globally, and get maximum views on your videos? So, let’s break down the essential points to remember on how to tag your videos to rank them up and to show in the suggestions to the world.

So, let’s dive into the three crucial hacks to remember. If you’re already using them for your YouTube videos, great. If not, then you should implement these hacks to rank up your videos on YouTube. Will discuss these hacks in detail one by one!

  • Mistakes to Avoid: Today, I’ll be sharing with you some of the very silly and common mistakes people make, that should be avoided.
  • Tag Hack: This one is the best tagging hack to use on YouTube for your videos to get them in the suggestions to get maximum exposure and rank them higher.
  • Tag Categories: You should be using some of the top categories or kinds of tags for all your videos.

Let’s jump right into it!

What are the Mistakes to Avoid while Tagging YouTube Videos?

One of the most frequent and common mistakes of all times, is that people use a lot of keywords in the tag section of their videos. They use so many keywords that they even forget the niche or the main purpose of the video.

You should have just one theme. Why? Because think about it. The tag section in the YouTube is to give more information and more details about your video, instead of the random keywords. People usually confuse YouTube by plugging in too many keywords for their videos. This is the main reason why some videos don’t get even thousand views.

How to Tag Videos to get Maximum Views?

Once you’ve shot a video that you’d like to upload on your YouTube channel, you should know what to tag and how to tag your video. This is really important as the hack gets your video huge number of views. Once your video that you want to put up is ready, you really want to think of all keywords to be tagged so as to get views on the video.

You should have only one (1) main keyword in your tags. As discussed, this is one of blunders you should avoid, while writing tag keywords for your YouTube video description. The right set of keywords based on the purpose of your videos can help YouTube serve them to the right people all around the world. Choosing the right tags is highly important as they tell what your video is really about, so YouTube can suggest it to the right people for the relevant searches based on what they’re looking for. Thus, in order to get your tag keywords pretty clear and on-point, you should concentrate on a single keyword, a main keyword to be tagged in the video, that can be compatible and complemented by other keywords in the tag section. The point being, in order to get more and more views on your videos, you should tell YouTube clearly what your video is about.

Wondering how to decide on one main tag keyword? These are my personal hacks that I’ve learn over the years when choosing the right keywords for my videos and to get maximum views.

  • Choose a keyword very specific to my video. No kidding, here. I swear by this hack. You should choose the keyword that actually matches with the content video. People many a times use random keywords that they think are popular and they think that those keywords will make the video more viral. But, this isn’t true. You should have keywords matching with the actual content of your video and the video description.

Thus, if you don’t provide right information about your videos, or give inaccurate or false information about your videos, then the YouTube Algorithm might not work for your videos. For example, if you put up tag keywords like cars, or fast cars, then YouTube will suggest your videos to people who’re looking for cars or fast cars. But, if your video isn’t about cars at all, then the viewer won’t even watch the whole video and might just switch to some other search result. This results in less number of views on your YouTube. And if you know anything about the YouTube Algorithm, then the random and irrelevant tags can lower your video rankings and it won’t end up in the “suggested videos”!

  • Identify a keyword that’s popular too. Now, looking for a single keyword for your video tag is not all. But, you should also look a popular one. You can do that either by searching that particular keyword on YouTube and see the results. The average of the results will tell you if your keyword is popular or not. Even if you don’t have an idea, you can simply search a keyword in your niche as per your video. Your cue to finding a popular keyword for your video tag, is any of the searched videos with millions of views and subscribers.

Another trick is to use an Add-on called, Keywords Everywhere. You can install this free application on your system/desktop/laptop and it will show you the popular keywords as per your search. It will also show you the number of people who searched for that keyword, so you’ll know if that keyword is popular or not.

Once you have the main tag keyword decided and ready to use, next step is to put that keyword in all the right places. You should make it the very first tag of your video description, as it weighs more than the tags that come later, as per the YouTube algorithm. So, choose a popular keyword as per your video, for which you want your video to rank up. Make sure to make your primary/main keyword as your first tag. Also, use this primary keyword in the title of your video too, in order to improve your video ranking on YouTube.

What are the different Tag Categories to use for videos?

Besides your primary/main keyword, use alternative keywords that people might be looking for and they describe your videos too. These alternative keywords can explain aspects of your video and really tell what the video is about. Think of the terms people would generally use if they’re looking for videos like yours, on YouTube. Think of the terms that you think are frequently used. And needless to say, the alternative keyword should go handy, rather should complement your main or primary tag keyword.

The other kinds of tags are broad categories. Think of all the categories that you think are little different than your primary keyword, but it also is in-line with your video content. Broad category might not help you in the ranking, but it will display more information about your video to the YouTube. Another thing to include in the video description, is either your brand name/your name or your YouTube channel name.

The correct use of right tags and tag categories in the right places will help you benefit from the YouTube algorithm, as YouTube will recommend your videos to the right people, reaching more people and thus, making more and more views on your video.

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