SES 55: Top Content Marketing Platforms

Since, technology landscape and marketing tools and their features are changing rapidly, it is crucial to keep yourself updated and familiar with the marketing models and online marketing strategies and hacks. We all understand online marketing or digital marketing or internet marketing. But it’s actually a huge investment to start your online business. The man is successful in this digital age, who takes full advantage of the internet and makes the best use of all the resources available to him.

Got any ideas for your next adventure? Planning any big holiday or vacation with family to some island? Or planning a world tour with your Whatever you wish for, no matter how big, or small, or stupid it may sound, but it is all possible with online marketing. Many small businesses and individual marketers and entrepreneurs still don’t know what marketing tools to use, what platforms to use for their small young businesses. How do you know if you’re investing your money in the right tool? Can you guarantee that the marketing platform you’re using will bring you huge revenue? Well, honestly in the beginning, we don’t know.

Many of us are still figuring it out. Usually, we do ‘hit-and-trial’ method to check if the tool and the platform is the right one for our business. This takes about a couple of months and about good amount of money, which in turn gets frustrating after a point of time.

Therefore, I’ve compiled some of the best content marketing tools that I’ve tested and used for my businesses over the last 8 years. Let’s go!

  • Headline Analyzer: Find out how much effective is the title of your blog/website/article/YouTube video, using this powerful tool. You can check yourself and change the title as you like to attract the target audience.
  • Visage: There’s a huge rise in the visual content these days. And so is the need, to use powerful tools like Visage that helps you with creativity and lets you develop great-looking visuals to attract customers.
  • Grammarly: Use this powerful tool to edit your content as it verifies everything you write.
  • Spredfast: This is the best content marketing analytics tool that gets you insights into your marketing campaigns with details like impressions, actions, audiences, and output. You can compare more than one campaign and improve your marketing.
  • Evernote: Evernote makes it damn easy for researching, resources, content creation for digital marketing. Life couldn’t get better than this!
  • Feedly: Every content developer or marketer must have this free tool to get updated on the content that he wishes to follow and use to create his own. The content can even be categorized starting from the hot ones flashing at the top. 
  • Wideo: This tool lets you create, share and edit great videos free of cost. Yes, that’s right! You can even animate your videos with text, shapes, objects, images and audio. Short introductory clips can be easily made using this tool.
  • ClickFunnels: If you want to turn your visitors into leads and buyers, then all you need is a sales funnel. ClickFunnels is a platform that has easy drag-and-drop option to build a sales funnel that can convert in no time. You can get a number of templates to choose from when you’re building a sales funnel or just a landing page. After a visitor leaves your page, interact with them and stay in touch with them. Features like Email and Facebook marketing automation, drag and drop editor, smart shopping cart option with 1-click upsells and easy tutorials in the dashboard for the support, make it one of the best tools for marketing preferred by entrepreneurs.

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