SES 54: How I Prioritize and Organize My Business?

In order to get your business into top gear, you should know how to prioritize your work. Honestly, you don’t push limits and chase whatever it takes for the business’s survival, when you don’t prioritize your business. Even if you have a team working for you, with you, still if you’re the one responsible for the business, who brings in the business, then trust me you don’t want to sit back and relax. Rather, you’d want to prioritize every single thing you do, so that there’s enough room for your business to thrive.

Did you know that prioritizing your work affects the success of your business? Many businesses face challenge prioritizing work on a daily basis. So, here’s my hack to prioritize a business for smooth transition. These key points are critical and used everyday in my businesses.

  • Identify what’s Urgent: By urgent, I mean something that requires immediate attention. There are number of things that are to be done throughout the day. You should identify the urgent bit out of the lot, which if not finished by the end of the day, might create some consequences for your business. It can be a project deadline, or a payment or simply a meeting. Focus on things that are really important and needs to be done ASAP.
  • Identify Worth: When you’ve successfully identified the urgent tasks for the day, the next step should be to identify the worth of each one of them. Let’s say you’ve identified 10 tasks for the day. Now, start looking for the actual worth or the task that is of huge worth for your business. Basically, in this step, you’re filtering the tasks that are important plus that are of more worth than others on the list. Let’s take another example here. If for Project 1, you have 8 people working while you have 15 people working for Project 2. This is crucial point to identify the worth. Thus, when you have more people in your team working on a task or a project, then it has to be of great worth to your business.
  • Know When to Cut: So once you know the tasks that are urgent and that are of great value to your business, it’s time to cut the remaining tasks from the list, which are less important. This is actually the essential step in prioritizing your business, as here you’re cutting down the not so urgent stuff from the list and focus on the important things to be carried out for your business on a daily basis. This is how you should prioritize your work or your business, if you’re working solo or if you have a team working in the business.

How to Organize Your Business?

Believe it or not, but I personally find it tough to find time to do marketing. At least it was, in the beginning. I didn’t struggle that much because of the support team. But now I’ve realized that time isn’t the factor causing problems, but overwhelm is. Sometimes, I’m so absorbed in all other stuffs, that I don’t get time for marketing on social media. And before I realize that, a week is gone by. Although, I’ve a team only for marketing purpose. I’m overwhelmed by the people I’ve hired so far, for my business.

The point being, how do you get the work steady and keep it going? Answer is simple – just get organized. How do I get highly organized for my business? There’s a whole process that goes at the backend level that takes months of planning. So, here’s again I’m breaking down the whole procedure that I use for my Enterprise with the team members, to make sure that we don’t produce just any content, but unique quality content that clients like!

  • Keep a track on Numbers: Like I discussed before, past performance predicts future outputs. So, keeping a track of your numbers from the past is really important. You should know what’s working and what’s not, if you want to up your marketing game. By numbers I mean Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager Stats, other Social Media Stats and Sales. By doing a check on these, can help you correct your mistakes and improve your marketing strategies.
  • Decide and Concentrate: For effective marketing, concentrate on one place, let’s say any social media network, instead of running behind all. Use all the marketing tools available in the toolkit to do marketing your business and decide what opt-ins can you promote; from where will you drive traffic through Ads and mainly focus on all the possible content you and your team can create around a specific topic as per your niche.
  • Plan of Action: If needed, do monthly, quarterly planning before actual implementation. Now that you’ve checked your numbers from the previous campaigns and sales, concentrated on the effective strategy for marketing, it’s time to plan your actions. You get great results that you wish for, only after great planning.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful and beneficial if you’re interested in online business and want to organize it. From the key points that I’ve discussed above, you can now understand the essential points to keep in mind to prioritize your online businesses.

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