SES 53: My Most Effective Conversion HACK for Online Marketing

One of the difficulties or challenges that small businesses face initially, is to get conversions, or to simply convert visitors to potential customers or buyers. So, here I’m going to show you a trick that I’ve learnt and implemented over the years and trust me, it just works excellent for any online business or a startup.

This is the most effective #Hack to drive traffic to your website or blog, and converting it into a buyer. This hack is mainly used for online webinar registration or just the visitors to trust you to buy your products or services. Let’s begin. Shall we?

Firstly, create a Facebook Group or join an existing one. Now, create a catchy and interesting theme or campaign for your online introduction of your brand and the products or services you sell. Now, in the group, declare a challenge (interesting Facebook post) to hook up your customers to your brand.

For the next 1-2 weeks, pick up a niche, and give any FREE information or data that you can (Video tutorials, E-books, Audio Books or Articles). This way, you’ll start developing their trust thereby, creating a strong customer relationship.

The important fact to keep in mind is that you’ll never talk about buying or purchasing a product. After the week 2, announce in the Facebook group, that you’ve launched a few products (or services), similar to the free stuff that you provided them before, and that they can buy products or services from you. Trust me, they will come and buy it from you, since they already liked your free stuff and already have an impression about your brand. The free content that you can provide to your visitors or customers can be anything – Video links, Audio Files, E-Books, PDFs, Guides and much more. Don’t just give anything for free to the customers. The customers will take the free content that you provide, only if the content is original and unique in its own way and cannot be found online easily.

You can even use this hack for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You can drive traffic to your announcement with the help of advertisements or marketing campaigns for the same. You might have tried all my hacks, all the strategies in the book. But, still no conversion. You might have tried Opt-ins, Facebook live, Instagram live and email marketing, too.

Thus, the main reason behind no conversions or very less conversions, is the lack of awareness of your brand, your products and services and the kind of person you are in general (this bit holds lesser importance compared to others). Thus, if you build a good customer relationship, your customers will start trusting you as a business and as a brand. This simple hack has helped hundreds to get thousands of conversions in their online businesses. Hope, you’re next!

All the hacks and methodologies used in online marketing that can get you a conversion or turn your customers into leads and buyers, mark those tricks and keep repeating the procedure, as it has already proved to be successful for you. So, why not stick to it and repeat it over and over again? Firms and businesses that sell physical products to the customers have different marketing strategies, while the businesses who sell digital products (that can be downloaded) to the target audience, have different marketing strategies and campaigns all together. There are also biggies or established successful businesses that just advertise their brand page for B2B conversions that may get influenced from professional meetings and live webinars or even a phone call interaction. In this case, visitors spend more time on the main website knowing more about the company or brand, than they spend during buying their products. Nowadays, landing pages and main sales page are designed beautifully in such a way that they are user-friendly, easy to navigate and are attractive enough to attract large target audience.

Having a great-looking landing page and sales page, really helps as the client usually looks for something less time consuming and more interactive.

You can either hire a developer to design these pages for you or you can learn it online and do it yourself. The great websites that make huge revenue just from advertising and digital marketing, giveaway free and valuable content wrapped-up in beautiful and interactive Ads, so that visitors or prospects are willing to look further and check other pages and posts of the website. Why do some websites don’t get too many visitors while others get thousand visitors a day? The answer is damn simple. It’s the home page that matters. I suggest home pages should be designed just like magazine covers – beautiful and elegant, to drive more and more visitors every single day to read the articles or blogs on a niche.

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