SES 52: Modeling an OData Service in SAP Fiori

Did you know that SAP Gateway converts data structures into much easy and light OData services? The SAP Gateway Service Builder is considered to be the central point for code-based OData Services, and consists of functions required for modeling and development of OData services.

Step-by-Step Navigation for SAP Gateway Service Builder

  • Log into the SAP Gateway Server. Then, run transaction (Tcode) SEGW, and open SAP Gateway Service Builder.
  • Click on the Folder Icon to open a project from the library.
  • In the project field, enter Create Sales Order Project details: “SRA017_SALESORDER_CREATE“. Then, click Enter.
  • You should now be able to see CREATE SALES ORDER Project in the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder Screen.

Let’s dig into OData service modeling methods and learn how to create OData services using SAP Gateway.

Ways to Build OData Services

  • Service Development: A Code-based method with high flexibility to develop specialized services.
  • Service Generation: A faster method to build a service with lesser effort. This method is further divided into three categories based on the user’s requirements in the system.
Category 1 – RFC
Category 2 –
Category 3 –
This is generated
with the help of RFC/BOR Generator.
This allows user to define a service on
the basis of
existing data
source or service.
This allows the user to mix

Parts of an OData Service Building Process

Part 1: Data Model Definition – In this part, user defines the model like entity sets, entity types and possible associations the service will use.

Part 2: Service Implementation – Here, the user implements functions supported by the service, like if the user uses RFC generator, then implementation takes place from mapping of the model to the methods of RFC function module or an object.

Part 3: Service Maintenance – In this final part, the user publishes the service.

OData Service Building Process

SAP Gateway Service Builder supports development lifecycle of OData services. The main job of SAP Gateway Service Builder is support for creating OData services by reusing existing business objects in SAP Business Suite system.

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