SES 50: Key Tips for a 5-Figure Business

It’s extensively splendid if you have a 6-figure business. Isn’t it? It’s actually common for huge businesses and firms, to have a 5-Figure Business and get covered in the press or media. But, for a small-scale business, growing and expanding the business to have a 5-Figure Launch is a milestone in the history.

Thus, here I’m breaking down the essentials or the key points to avoid in order to have a 5-figure Online Business. These are some common tips that many businesses aren’t doing properly in an orderly fashion or maybe not applying all of them, which prevents them to have a Successful 5-Figure Business.

  • Plan the Layout of Products: First things first – Planning is important. Plan out the content for your business, so that it becomes easy for you to market your services and products later. If you’re running an online business, then you’d have created some content for your business like E-Books, Podcasts, Videos, Tutorials, Live Demos, Audio Files, Courses, etc. But, in the coming weeks leading to your business launch day, you’d want to serve all that content to your visitors and target audience to get maximum exposure. Let’s say, you want to start an Online Cooking Class. Thus, you’d be interested in publishing great content on various cooking videos, or tutorials on cooking delicious meals, or PDFs on various breakfast recipes, or even Courses on how to make great dishes in a limited time, showing the importance of the same on your blog or website. This way you’d make sure that your audience would be interested in buying your product or not. Please keep in mind, you don’t want to give away everything right then to your readers. But, you’re planning your content for your online business to attract the target audience and other visitors on your blog or website, who’d be interested in buying your products at a later stage.
  • Prep Your Content: The second crucial stage is prepping the content for your online business, that many businesses forget or take it too lightly. Prepping plays a critical part post planning, as your business launch becomes more smoother and successful. Honestly, you wouldn’t want to spend time in writing emails to your lists or subscribers on the day of sending. Rather, you’d like to prep everything, so that you have enough time for other stuff like scheduling, trouble-shooting with the technical issues (if any) for your online system, booking slots for your course release and so on. Just weeks before the launch, you’d be regularly sending emails to your lists for every damn thing like the release dates, new products, upcoming offers, etc. Thus, it’d be helpful if before the launch, you sit down and write emails carefully for your lists as per the categories, much before the launch, so that you plenty of time to focus on other notes in your online business.
  • Schedule Your Posts/Email (Basically Everything): It’s highly advisable to schedule everything for your business from weeks to even months. Schedule your blog posts, emails you writes to your lists or subscribers, open cart dates for your products and the release of your course online. In order to stay in the game, trust me you don’t hope for everything to be okay. Thus, the importance of schedule! It might sound lame in the beginning. But, weeks or months before the successful 5-Figure Business Launch, you’d wish if you’d scheduled everything one by one beforehand. Why Scheduling is that important? It is indeed highly significant so that you can market your content for your business, starting from the visitors or prospects to be precise you meet online for the first time, till the the time they purchase your products. Don’t forget to schedule your next content like schedule when exactly will you write or create your next blog post for the business launch and so forth. It also counts in here, before the execution of your marketing.
  • Time to call Affiliates: Many business don’t have a star-studded launch, while others have a super successful business launch. What makes the difference, really? Those successful businesses usually take help from Affiliates. That’s right. If you already have a business and planning to launch another one, or if you have experience in the field, then affiliates can be a game changer all together for your next business launch. Months before your business launch, is the right time to call for Affiliates. And who are Affiliates? Well, they are sales and marketing people who sell your products for you and get paid, which is commonly called Commission. You can look for other Entrepreneurs, YouTubers, Bloggers and even Content Creators in your niche, to promote your products and services. And once they make a sale for you, they get a share (commission). In order to attract affiliates for your products or services, make sure to create an amazing sales page with all the description and features about your product and how much commission will be paid for each sale. This way, the picture will be more clear for the affiliates to jump in.
  • Emphasize on Pre-Launch: This one’s a bomb, quite literally. Pre-Launch is significant before your actual business launch as it helps you attract more and more people for your products or services. You wouldn’t get a good number of sales, if you don’t spread the word and talk about your new upcoming business that’s going to launch soon. Pre-launch boosts in giving the hype and tempo that you need for your business launch. To put it in a simpler way, pre-launch is nothing but phase before the actual launch. Thus, months before the business launch, you should focus on putting up great content that you’d developed, promote your products online, interact with the visitors and audience, in order to engage your ideal customers or buyers. This stage be the final stage after planning, prepping and scheduling, but it really boosts your marketing campaigns, so that you have a super crazy business launch.


Advertising is the key to a 6-figure online business! Well, that’s true. The successful businesses have used advertising for their launch and have reached heights. It could be either of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads or simply traditional advertising. Thus, this kind of paid advertising really takes your business one step closer to having a 6-figure business.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful and beneficial if you’re interested in online business or planning to launch a 5-figure business. From the key points that I’ve discussed above, you can now understand the essential points to keep in mind to ensure a successful 5-figure business launch.

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