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Many portals and tutorials say that your profile should be of high quality to attract people to buy whatever you offer. But, instead of making your profile attractive enough, keep it real and little professional, so that people know that you’re here for business. In case of a Business Account, you should rather put your business logo or a business icon.

Besides Instagram and Twitter, Facebook is the largest social media network with over 2.40 monthly users. Today, we’ll be breaking down the various ways to make to build your side-income or simply make some cash on the platform.

  • Public Post: You can sell anything and everything on Facebook. Just put up a public post with the product’s picture and add a description and emphasize why one should consider buying it. If your post doesn’t give required details about the product or a service you want to sell, then it will take a lot of time to turn a post your post into a sales offer. When someone shows interest in your post, then you can continue the conversation with them on Messenger and tell them more about the product. Customers might not buy the product in the first attempt, but if you pitch in good and if they like the product and, also if it fits their budget too, then they will come back to buy it some time later. So, keep in touch with your customers as they the customers.
  • Create/Join Group: From the Explore Menu, look for Buy and Sell Groups. Search for local groups and join them. If you can’t find one, then simply create one to sell your products. The platform makes it super easy and convenient for you to sell as you might get buyers not just from your friends, but from others in the group. These days, the groups have different buying/selling policies. So, make sure you go through them carefully once you join the group. Because, if your post doesn’t comply with the terms and conditions of the group, then the Admin or the Moderator might not approve or delete your post.
  • Run Facebook Ads: These are just phenomenal when it comes to selling or to promote anything. If you want to make some money on Facebook, then Ads are the best option. Reaching people as per demographics, searched keywords, hobbies or interests, has become easy with Ads. You can create an Ad and run it as long you like, which can be done automatically or manually by the user. One of the best features of Ads is that you can target a particular audience for your Ads on the basis of gender, region or location and age groups. Facebook charges you just for the landing page views or clicks. Keep checking your analytics section, so as to check the customer engagement with your Ads campaign. Advertising on Facebook is pretty easy and less expensive compare to other advertising options. As a beginner, you can test the Facebook Ad, by creating and launching a small Ad ($10-$20) for a target audience to see the results yourself. Once the campaign period is over and you’re happy with the results for the products you were selling or promoting, then you can go a little higher next time with another Ads campaign in your Facebook Business Manager Account with more Ads budget. This is one of the most commonly used methods to make money on Facebook. Users all over the world (even students) make insane amount of money every single day, just from running Facebook Ads, either by selling their own products (both digital and physical) or by promoting/advertising someone else’s products, which is commonly called Affiliate Marketing. By promoting someone’s products if you makes sales, then you get a commission for the same.
  • Refer and Earn Bonus: You’re most likely to buy something if a known person, of a friend refers it to you. Although we do buy from strangers, but recommendations coming from friends, play important role in you deciding to buy the product or making sales. Many businesses know this and build their Ad campaigns accordingly, where they offer some cash or bonus points or other rewards when you refer that particular app to a friend or share it with your friends. Some businesses use cash back offers to the user whose friends use his referred link to sign up. Majorly every app these days, comes with bonus offers for Facebook users, so you can earn some money or bonus.
  • Manage Social Network for Companies: If you know how to advertise and promote stuff, then you can turn into a Social Media Manager and manage business accounts of businesses or companies. As a Social Media Manager, you can regulate and check Ad campaigns, schedule social media posts and reply back or interact with the followers and visitors. This is something you can do full-time or even part-time remotely for small-scale businesses looking for social media specialists to manage their social media network and expand their audience network.
  • Marketplace: Did you know you can sell or buy pretty much anything in your local area using Facebook Marketplace? Although this is not commonly used by the users and doesn’t require an Admin or a Moderator to approve your post in the group. Rather every user has access to the marketplace, so they can share your post with their friends and family and might end up making you a sales or two.
  • Competitions/Giveaways: Almost all competitions/contests are free and doesn’t cost you a thing. Many small-scale businesses in the media reach million users every month by conducting competitions and contests. You can enter the contests or competitions after checking the eligibility criteria and can win some money or some goodies when you share your referral code or referral link with your contacts. Some companies even organize big giveaways to promote their brands, which can be helpful to earn a side-income every month. Every contest or competition is different than the other so you should read the instructions and duration of the giveaway. Here, you can win reward points, cashback or Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Investing in Facebook: Ever thought of investing in Facebook and making money out of it? So good to be true, right? I get it. But, it’s possible without a Facebook account itself. One can purchase a Facebook stock, using their brokerage account. This Facebook Stock Trading option is used rapidly by many traders and marketers to make money. If you’re planning for a long-term steady income for years to come, then Facebook trading option is really great, as it will surely make you money if you invest money.

Facebook is free of cost and an efficient platform to make money. And many people make money every day using either of the above methods. Whatever you earn through Facebook, could be used as a side-income, or could be used as funds for your future ventures and other businesses too. I hope this blog helps you in finding the best way to make money for you, as per your availability and time. I regularly help people with Online Marketing Strategies and Business Consultation & Solutions.

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