SES 47: How to Launch an Online Course on Udemy?

Ever wondered how to use your knowledge and skills and help others with it? Ever wondered how to pack your knowledge in the form of a course that can be helpful for others?

Creating an online course that people will like and want in future too is not at all tough. But, creating one that will never go out of style and will make thousands of dollars for you and grow your business and your personal brand, is a little tricky and requires some time for execution.

What makes Udemy one of the best platforms for learning?

Udemy is considered to be the best marketplace for learning and teaching. The platform has more than 40 Million students registered and has over 120K online courses. Udemy boosts individuals and enthusiasts, reach their targets and fulfill their dreams by connecting students worldwide to the instructors.

Not many people have same amount of opportunities in terms of learning and education. Thus, Udemy was created to give online access to teaching, learning and coaching in every possible skills or technology, from anywhere across the globe. The platform has not only provided individuals a way to build their online business, but also has inspired thousands of others to opt the same and make a side-income out of it.

Procedure to launch your Online Course on Udemy

  • First thing you should remember is that your course shouldn’t be more than 10 hours long. Honestly, nobody is interested in buying or investing into something that takes that much time. The ideal duration of your online course on Udemy should be between 3-10 hours.
  • In order to launch your course, you should layout the topic of knowledge you want to share. It could a test series (or quiz with a timer) or a full-fledged course with video lectures, workbooks (or e-books), and other downloadable stuff.
  • Once, you select Course, you’ll be asked to give a title for your course. Some of the examples are: How to learn Python, How to learn Photography, How to create YouTube Ads, etc. Pick any title and don’t worry, you can change it later whenever you like.
  • Udemy gives a list of categories of your course. Select a category you think your course falls into it.
  • On the next screen you’ll be prompted to select the amount of time you’ll be spending on your course every week. You can select whatever time you can dedicate for your course from 0-5 hours or simply select the last option, if you don’t know how much time will you be spending.
  • Once you select the time duration and click on Create Course, you’ll see the screen as follows. Here, you’ll have to write description of your course like who can take your course, any prerequisites for the course, and what will the students learn from your course. Make sure to be very clear else, people won’t enroll for your course if it looks confusing to them.
  • For the newbies, you can create test video and submit for the free expert help and guidance on your audio and video.
  • Then setup the landing page for your course. This is what others will be seeing on Udemy, so make sure to give details and make it simple and sensible. Upload your course image and promotional video for your course (optional). After finishing the landing page, setup your Instructor profile.
  • Then comes the pricing section of your Udemy course. You’ll be able to select the price tier for your course here.
  • Udemy provides you coupons to promote your course on the internet. You can create a coupon and send that discounted coupon of your Udemy course to your subscribers or customers or followers. This way you can promote your course in your professional network too.
  • Don’t forget to write and submit your course messages. Udemy sends automated messages on your behalf, to the people who enroll for your course.
  • Once you finish writing the details and uploading the contents (video lectures, quizzes) of your course, click SUBMIT FOR REVIEW. The review usually takes 2-3 days. Once reviewed, your online course goes live!

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