SES 45: How to create a Passive Income from Digital Courses

Whatever niche you take, you’d find plenty of online courses on the same. You’d even find courses on how to make online courses. Many people are living their dream lives by creating online courses for the world and making tonnes of passive income every year.

Why are there so many online courses available? Why even small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs make digital courses?

  • Digital Courses are easy to learn on the go: You can buy and enroll for a course, and learn it wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • Helping hand: Helping someone is truly a good feeling. So why not create an online course that people would buy? It would not only solve their problem but will also give you satisfaction.
  • Time Saving: An online course is designed to provide all the knowledge, skills, demos, lectures, quizzes on a topic – which actually saves more time if you wish to learn a new expertise or skill.

Businesses these days are growing their audience base and reaching millions more, by creating their online courses and selling them. And the job isn’t done then. It requires good exposure, strong advertising and marketing campaigns to reach millions of people online. This step is important as it will bring in leads, who will be buy those online courses.

There are a numbers of platforms to publish your online courses for selling, like Teachable, Udemy and many more. Publishing or creating your own courses on these platforms, gives you huge amount of exposure to your courses, which increases your course’s probability of making sales. Why?? Because platforms like Udemy alone has a base of 40 Million students who learn pretty much anything and everything on Udemy.

Advertising hacks on Digital Course Promotion

Your hard work – your online course won’t generate income for you if you don’t do the right marketing or advertising of the course. So, here I’m #BreakingItDown the essential steps to keep in mind when promoting an online course:

  • Give people something that can solve their problem: People and even your targeted audience to be specific is not interested in buying your course, no matter how much effort and money you have put in to build that course. This is the truth, people. People want something that solves their problems. They buy a course that gives outcomes that they’re looking for. The invest in your course only if they think that the issue is solved and that they’re satisfied. So, don’t build a digital course what you’re passionate about, or something you have immense knowledge on. Don’t do that! Instead focus on the needs and wants of the audience and build your online course accordingly. This step is not that difficult, but really important to understand, in order to have good sales and income flowing. Also, always keep in mind the outcome of your audience, what they need and require. If you’re not making any sales selling a course, or have no luck even after promotion of the online course, it is because your course you’re selling or promoting is not something people require or need. Hence, it will be a waste of your time selling or promoting that product!
  • Make your course unique than others: Honestly, there are a billion digital courses online on every damn thing, tutorials, reviews, travel guides, money making, cookbooks and many more. So, if you create a course like any other then, it won’t make any income for you. That’s the harsh truth. Your customers won’t buy a course from you the contents of which are available online on YouTube or Forums or E-Books totally free. Think about it though. Why would someone want to buy a course from you when they can get it for free? Even if someone buys your course, after a certain point, they might even ask for a refund. So, create something unique that compels the customers or visitors to take action and buy your course. Build a course that contains everything that the customer needs, all the information that they wish to learn or to solve their problem, so that they buy your digital course. Usually, the best selling courses are the ones that save time. Combining all the relevant information and data with examples in your course that makes it easy to learn on the go, so that it simple saves time.
  • Be friends with EVIDENCE and TRUST: Believe me, evidence and trust are going to be your best friends when it comes to promoting an online course. It is as simple as it can get. No matter how strong your marketing campaign is, your course won’t make sales if you’re not providing evidences of the outcomes in your landing page or sales page. Building trust with the audience is the foremost step to take before selling online courses. You can run Ads or organize a Live Webinar and invite people to enroll for the free webinar, wherein you can slowly develop trust. So, the audience or your customers will start trusting you for the solutions to their problems. Once you start building the trust, you can show testimonials of previous students or candidates who’ve had success in the past from the course. This way, the customers get proof in front of them on the sales page itself, which leads them to click that button and buy the course you’re selling or promoting.

Digital courses or online courses can help you save time and help others like you. You can even generate a passive income by promoting someone else’s courses and making a good number of sales.

So, go out there and create some damn good courses for the world!


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