SES 44: How to make Money Blogging?

We all wish to make money from blogging. But, blogging doesn’t make you rich. When you start a blog, your focus should be on the content, instead of other sponsored or affiliate stuff. If you’re new to blogging, or if you’ve been running a blog in the past or if you want to know how to make money from blogging, then you might have looked up on the internet about various ways to do money blogging. We all have searched different genuine ways to make our blogs work, isn’t it? So, today I’m breaking down some of the most legit ways to do money blogging, or simply make money through blogging.

  1. Prep for a Blog: To do money blogging, you first need to have a blog. I know you might be overwhelmed by the preparation of starting a blog. I’ve been there too! In the preparation phase of blogging, you should know which blogging platform to start with and get a domain name that matches with your niche or what you want it to be along with the site hosting. One of the best platforms for this purpose is WordPress.
  2. Start producing good content: Instead of writing about a particular topic everything you know, write about it’s use, how will it solve the problem (if any) and how will it impact people. Make your content as beneficial as you want so that more audience is tuned to your content. If your content really does help the readers or visitors, then there begins the development of people’s trust in your blog. Focus on the audience and the number of visitors. Almost 80% of the businesses today focus on providing all of the information that they can, instead of providing something that the visitor needs and truly values.
  3. Advertise your Blog: Just writing a blog won’t make money for you. Rather it never will. After the blog is done, start advertising your blog. People have a notion that once they have written some great content, their job is done. Though your blogs may bring in new followers and subscribers, but won’t help you make money from blogging. Make sure that your readers are engaging with the content you have put up, on the blog, or a podcast or on the website. With time, your readers will not only get engaged with your great content on the blogs, but also offer to write guest posts for your blog or website and even leave you testimonials or remarks. Thus, advertising and promotion of your blog is important too!
  4. Create the engagement: At this point when you’ve written a great content and it is already up and running, you’ll start to see visitor’s engagement with your blogs. Once, your readers start engaging more often with your blogs, I recommend to build a community of your unique audience or readers, which in a long run become your loyal audience. You can reply to the comments on the blog, reach out to the readers on social media platforms and start creating more engagement on a personal level with each one. This gesture will keep them coming to your blog. If you create engagement with your readers, they might even share your content in their network or contacts and help you gain reach more people demographically.
  5. Income Stream comes into picture: We all know that there ways to make money online. But how many of us know all possible ways to make money blogging? Not many. And that’s the truth. Thus, these possible ways to make money from your blogs become your income streams, and trust me you’d want to know about all those income streams.
  • You can set up Ads on your blog or website to generate passive income for you.
  • You can set up recurring payment options for the memberships or your services to earn good revenue.
  • You can even set up one-time payment button to your blog and collect payments using tools like PayPal, for donations, digital products and services, from the visitors.
  • Referrals also pay off well for a passive income, as the platform pays you a fixed referral amount every time your referred customers makes a purchase.
  • Try Affiliate Marketing! Yes, affiliate marketing income has proven to be successful for a good blog as being an affiliate you can promote a product (digital or physical) on your blog, and can make earnings from it once your reader clicks the link provided on the blog and buys something. It’s actually a great income stream from blogging, as your audience, particularly your community of members tend to buy products that you recommend, since you’d already been engaging them with your content and built good customer relationship.
  • You can earn money by providing services to your audience.

So, there are a lot of ways of money making that bloggers of any niche are playing with and turning their lives around. I hope this blog post helps you on your blogging journey and you too make a decent income from your blogs.

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