SES 43: 10 Highest-Paying Jobs one can do from anywhere

Everyone wants to do extra work or a part-time job to earn extra money. And we also have searched on Google jobs online, or remote work, or freelancing, or sometimes even work-from-home. Thus, today we’ll learn and discover 10 highest-paying job you can do online from anywhere in the world from your laptop/desktop and mobile phones.

  • Translation (up to $50/hr): You can translate anything from English to your native language. To be little precise here, Spanish is in demand right now. So, you can become a translator and translate English to Spanish or vice versa and make some money. If you’re bilingual, then it won’t be a problem for you to translate into both English and Spanish. But, if you’re not then proper English education or coaching is necessary in order to translate into both languages. To get good genuine contract jobs, Upwork is the right place, as there are a number of good projects available on different niches both remote and on-site.
  • Editing & Proofreading (up to $20/hr): Platforms like FluentExpress, really helps in editing texts, essays, resumes, research papers, and even thousands of emails written everyday for work. If you’re a native English speaker, then you can edit the documents or tasks given to you. But in case you’re not a native speaker, then you can take help from a number of tools and platforms available online and make about $20-$30/hr for proofreading and editing.
  • Online Gaming (up to $50/hr): Sounds crazy right? But, yes you can make about $50/hr just for gaming. Many established gaming companies are on the lookout of gamers online for testing their games online before they launch and release it to the world. This testing is carried out for a limited period of time (about 4-6 months), where their testing and program development teams check for all the runtime errors, performance and compliance testing. So, you can earn decent amount during the game testing phase and alternatively, you can even subscribe to gaming portals online to play games online and make money from gaming.
  • Software Testing (up to $100/hr): This can be done if you know software testing. You can learn QA testing which can take about 6-8 months of essentials concept building and learning. You can get a number of professional courses and testing sessions on Portnov, where you get to choose from various online programs for software testing. The legit program costs about $1000 but you learn software testing, web applications testing and programming basics. If it doesn’t fit in your budget, then you can look for other alternatives to learn from online. This particular streams makes a huge amount of money every month, especially who are good with computers and have knowledge or experience in coding and programming languages. The rate ranges from client to client. Some may offer up to $50 or $60 for an hour, whereas others might offer $100/hr as per their budget. Moreover, Glassdoor is the best when it comes to searching for salaries for any profession or job and importantly, it is used for specialized remote QA testing jobs online. Did you know that the average salary of a remote QA tester is $65,000/year?
  • Web Page Designer (up to $40/hr): Today, small businesses are emerging like anything. So they require designers and developers who can design and create landing pages for their website or their business. Also, there are various paid tools to design landing pages online like ClickFunnels and Instapage. These tools don’t require any code. So, you just drag and drop each block or widget and create your landing pages to attract more customers for a product or a brand. The small-scale business can pay you from $20/hr to $40/hr according to their budget. Some companies even pay $50 for every landing page created. So, if you’re familiar with any of those tools or maybe other tools online and create about 5 landing pages in a day, then you’ll probably end up making $500 in a day. Fiverr has cool projects on the same that you might want to check out.
  • Copy Writing (up to $20/hr): Today content is KING and is everything. So every business today, no matter what niche, is concentrating on the content for their business. That’s why these businesses constantly look for good copy writers to write great unique content for them. This job is totally flexible like others and you can make around $20/hr for creating content on a topic.
  • Video Editing (up to $10/hr): Many marketing companies are looking animators and video editors for their video or ads promotion. You can get a number of video editing jobs online on Upwork. It could either be for graphics designing, or animating video ads or simply simply editing the videos to make it look presentable and beautiful to attract more clients to the business. You can start from $5/hr or $10/hr as that is the pay for an entry-level video editor. For a blogger, you can get paid about $20/hr for a YouTube video, as editing a video usually takes about 4-6 hours. So, you can easily work with bloggers and small business to edit their vlogs and videos and make a pretty decent side-income.
  • Photo Editing (up to $25/hr): Many firms and marketing companies are always looking for freelance photo editors who can make it easy for their business. One effective tool out there is VSCO, that not only allows the user to use their predefined presets but also allows you to participate in various challenges that are held every week, where you can win some rewards and get bonus insights too. You can start learning if you’re a newbie and in a couple of months, you’ll be a pro at editing pictures and can eventually work for a project for any client and can make around $30/hr from your photo editing skill.
  • Blogging: I can’t put a limit on this one. Nobody can. There’s an insane amount of money paid to bloggers who blog full-time or even those who work part-time. Creating a blog or a website, writing posts or articles and maintaining it sounds like time-consuming and tedious thing. But, long-term this habit of continuous blogging, will pay off everything. You can even switch to YouTube if you’re talkative and love to express. So, talking about your blog or simply the topic of the blog, in a YouTube video can reach a larger audience as it gets viral and gets views in no time. Therefore, there’s seriously no limit to payouts in blogging and creating content for somebody else’s blog/site.
  • Virtual Assistant (up to $35/hr): There’s a growing need of virtual assistants for majorly every big company to take care of their customers or maybe do their extra work like reverting to the customers, or getting feedback, or arranging meetings and stuff or even preparing list of buyers for your business. Simply anything you can think of – it all comes down to VA. This job can pay you minimum of $5/hr and maximum up to $35/hr for a job.
  • Airtasker: This platform lets people connect globally for outsourcing of various tasks or simply get local services, or hire freelancers to get your job done. The task range varies from house cleaning to graphic designing to programming or creating a website for a client – anything and everything you name it. Thus, with the help of Airtasker, you can get more of your job done in less time!

All these job are highest-paid jobs in the world, and some of which are in great demands too. None of these jobs require you to quit your job. Keep your current job, even if it’s 9-5, and after work you can work on any of the jobs online from your computer at home. If you spend a few hours in a day, then you’ll be able to do some of these jobs online from anywhere in the world and can make extra money every month!

I hope my blog helps you to find your niche and find what interests you. Gaming or Blogging, anything you choose, you can easily generate extra income from these online jobs.

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